Dec 28, 2009

Hawaii Trip - Part Uno

People talk so much about certain places they visit that makes you wonder if it's really worth visiting it. I am not big into visiting National Parks (I know, Kill me now) nor was I blown away when I visited Grand Canyon for the first time. But Hawaii, baby is whole another ball game :). Vikram and I fell in love with the Big Island the second we landed. May be we were deprived of the trees, beaches living in the desert for last few years or may be we both needed the much awaited vacation. I mean how can you not love driving on roads that look like this.

Marriott upgraded us to a beach front room and we were in heaven. As soon as we walked into the room I had to lie down because I wasn't feeling well for a couple of days before our travel and the day we landed I was still a bit sick. V covered me with all the pillows and blankets and said, "Here are your gifts momma"

Half an hour after we took this picture we were on our way to the ER in Kona. Couple of hours there and I walked out with negative for flu and a dose of "Just keep taking the Tylenol for your chills and body aches. It could be just something else in the air" from the ER doctor. Thank you very much :)

Next day and rest of the few days we stayed in Hawaii, V would get up and immediately run into the balcony to make sure the pools, hot tubs and the beach are all still there :).

Resort hosted a Luau that evening and V got all excited watching the hula dance, fire dance and their singing skills.

Pictures From Day 1

Pictures from Day 2

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