Mar 11, 2007

60th Birthday

Lakshmi dodda ( my mom's sister) turned 60 today. I hope, I look like her when I turn 60. Peris, Karras, Yintis and Thevars got together for dinner at Olive Garden. We all forgot to take our cameras, so no pictures of us at the restaurant:(. I was snapping pictures of Vikram before we left for dinner and left the camera at home. Here's a picture of him in his new cowboy outfit.

Vikram was very well behaved again. He did get cranky at the end but I think even I would if I am strapped to a car seat for 5 hours:) . Leela had total 5 pieces of penne pasta, 4 representing her age and one more for good luck. She is getting cuter by the day and smarter by the hour. Here's my favorite picture of Leela and Vikram.

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