Mar 26, 2007

Packing - Part 1

It just feels like there is no end to packing. It's not the amount of stuff we have. So many things involved with it. Labeling, seeing which goes where, what needs to be thrown out and sorting the gigantic collection of books, audio and video.

I packed my scrapbooking stuff which made me realize that I probably won't be opening those boxes till we move into a new house after 6 months or so. I am not going to open them in the apartment, makes no sense to repack them all over. So you won't be seeing any new layouts or albums from me anytime soon and I probably am going to give you a store bought card for your birthday instead of a hand made one:).

We bought a pair of pacifiers for V just in case we needed it on the flight. On the way back from shopping, we couldn't get his car seat out of the stroller. It got stuck:). A kind gentleman helped in getting him out. He was smiling all along.

No recipes today because I haven't cooked today. Mom and I had leftovers and we ordered dinner from Dosa grill. The food there is awesome and they play great music.

Here's a picture of V being silly when ammamma was trying to change his clothes.

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