Mar 27, 2007

Packing - part two

I figured no one will sue me if I made 2 posts per day. There will be days in coming months when I cannot even write once a week.

After not doing much the whole day, mom and I packed 4 boxes tonight which brings the total count of packed boxes to 12. Pretty neat eh!.

Attayya was asking today why I didn't just let the movers do the whole packing and why I took up this job with a baby and with both Chaitu and Prabu out of town for the next two weeks. The reason is pretty simple. Mom and I are planning to use this, "We worked so hard to get this done with out you people" reason on Prabu and Chaitu for a long time. We gotta have something to bring those boys down now don't we?

One more lesson learned today after packing: I think I am done saying "But I didn't have "it" growing up." After looking at the amount of personal stuff I have ( purses,bags,clothes,shoes,jewellery, scrapbook stuf..etc.) I just realized, I did make it up pretty good for that "it" that I always complained I didn't have when I was growing up. I guess my man will hear me whine less about that diamond necklace now. You can get that for our 15th anniversary honey instead of the 10th;).

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