Mar 27, 2007

Doing nothing for a day

It's pretty good not doing anything. Weather was really nice so we took V out for a short walk. He was so good to all the fellow "walkers" ( is that even a word?). He smiled and said "Agoo" which means "How ya doing" (Joey style) in his language. I watched so much "friends" while I was pregnant, I won't be surprised if he said, "How ya doing" as soon as he starts talking:). Prabu would be definitely worried reading this. Don't worry hon, I will teach him other stuff too;).

Lakshmi Attayya stopped by today during the day. She treated us for lunch at Hoysala which is one of our favorite Indian restaurants. We had coffee at home after lunch and chatted for a while. It was a nice break from our other wise boring day which would have been filled with mom and I packing, watching sob stories on sun and gemini tv .

We got more boxes from costco today which means we need to speed up our packing. We haven't even filled the ones we already have.

V has a mild case of cradle cap which makes him scratch his head. So we started using mittens so he wouldn't scratch himself so hard. but that little guy figured how to take those out. So today morning I put socks (clean ones of course;)) on his hands thinking it would be a little tight and he won't be able to pull them out easily. Aha, what was I thinking. Figure it out yourself from the pictures below as to what he did with them;)

Now I HAVE to go pack some stuff. Later:)

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