Mar 25, 2007

Back to Arizona.....

For Prabu that is. Chaitu and I dropped him at the airport this morning. He will get the keys for the new apartment tomorrow. Now I just have to decide if I want to leave on 15th of April or 23rd.

Man there is so much packing to do and I am feeling gloomy every time I tape a box shut. So many memories. Prabu and I met here. We bought our first house here. V was born here. And we made so many friends here apart from the huge family that we have. It's going to be tough leaving but then again I am trying to look at the bright side. It is actually going to bright and sunny in AZ:). I have babbi and Julie close to me which makes me feel a lot better and Chaitu is planning to move soon.

I took this picture of V sleeping on his Chaitu mama last night. Isn't he adorable ( V that is (insert wink here)).

And this one I took today morning:).

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