Mar 30, 2007

A productive day

No we did not pack a single box nor did we do anything related to packing or cleaning. Mom and I took V out for lunch to meet Show-may and Patti. I used to work with them in 2003. But we became friends very quickly and I am just sad I am leaving them. Even when I left the firm, I was at least meeting them every now and then for lunches or dinners but now I know I am moving so far that I cannot probably just say, "Patti , pick me up at 6 so we can go out for dinner." :(.
It was so great to introduce V to them. We went to a chinese restaurant. This place is my favorite. However the service was more than "sucko". We always used to get take outs from this place , so never realized how pathetic the service was. Any who, V made it up for our bad experience with his smiles. And guess what he wore to the restaurant?

Lakshmi attayya and kamalakar mamayya got this outfit for him when they were on a vacation in China. He wasn't even born then:). Love their thoughtfulness and the outfit:).

And after lunch we took couple of hours break and went to Nicholas court to just hang out with attayya, mamayya, Gautham, Lakshmi dodda , Madhu and Leela. It was so much fun. Good food, great company.... what more do you want:). Just in case you are wondering, Nicholas Court is the name of the street they live on. We just got used to saying, "Dinner in Nicholas court on sunday", "I will meet you in Nicholas court" a lot. I stayed with attayya and mamayya for 3 years when I came to this country and I learned so much from them . When Prabu and I took V there for the first time, I told Prabu, "I walked through this drive way 8 years ago as an 18 year old and here I am with a son in tow. Feels strange for some reason." But it was a good "strange" feeling:).

Once I am done hunting for a house for us in Arizona, next would be for Chaitu. He wants to move there by the end of this year. After or even before that, I will also be looking for a place for attayya and mamayya:). I am convincing them to move there or at least spend vacations there. Let's see how well I succeed.

Our calendar is getting filled with the good bye meetings:). I am meeting my Hewitt colleagues on April 5th for lunch. Family get together on 8th to celebrate G's 30th. And great news, Ravana Dodda is coming in on 22nd April from India. Even though we will miss seeing her in NJ, we will probably meet her in Arizona:). Mr. Pedda is coming on the 13th. ( Pedda is Madhu's dad;))

Click here to look at all the picture we took today with Show-may, Patti, attayya, mamayya and all.

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