Apr 3, 2007

$5 to whoever comes up with a decent title;)

V is getting big and naughty by the day:). He new responds when you call him by his name. He loves sucking his fingers and putting his toes in the mouth. Last night I woke up to some weird noise. I turned the light on in the room to find out that V was happily sucking his fingers in sleep and making slurpy noises. It was too darn cute and funny. He also learned to throw the mittens far way. Before you would find them in his bouncer but now you have to search for it. Sneaky brat I tell ya:).

Except stuff in the kitchen packing is complete. We packed 29 boxes so far:). Go team Yinti:). Tomorrow, we are going to visit L&L(Lakshmi dodda and Leela)for lunch. Iam slowly getting the "I-can't-believe-I-am-leaving-NJ" blues:)

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