Apr 13, 2007

A visit to the Doctor's

V got second set of shots today. It went fine. Dr. Misra said he is doing good regarding his weight and height. We got pictures of V with Mary and Dr. Manju Misra.

V was screaming his head off when put on the weighing station. It was so funny. He kept on rambling:). We are starting V on solids tomorrow. Nothing grand. Just rice cereal:). Tomorrow is also Tamil New Year and V turns 5 months.

This is V on the weighing scale:)

We stopped by in the evening to say our good byes to Bala, Venkat, Meghana and Swarupa, Rahul and Anika. It's nice to visit friends and talk but hard when it comes to the "bye" part. I know, I know, we are not moving to the other side of the earth but still.......

Let me just say good night with a phunny phicture;). Here is my man going, "Can you please not take one more picture?"

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