Apr 20, 2007

See these keys....

They are not ours anymore:(. Dropped them off at the lawyers today . Ok, I am not going into any more details on the house because I already did that. Let's move on. Weather was nice today. Took V out for a drive and we didn't need a blanket today:).

Suitcases have been packed. Aki and Siva are coming down to drive us to the airport on Sunday along with Chaitu. Boy, I hope I can keep my cool on Sunday. If you are in the airport and see someone crying, come and say hi, that would be me probably:).

Met Awesta yesterday for lunch and Avik today for coffee. It was nice to catch up and say good bye.

That's it for tonight. Ciao:).

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Selina said...

hey sowjanya, all set to go huh?? all the very best with ur move and settling down!!