Apr 25, 2007

Loving this job of

being a stay at home mom/house wife/domestic goddess/home maker blah blah and blah, as of today. I have to say "As of today" because you never know. Prabu might tick me off or V might get cranky tomorrow and I can be thinking damn I wish I could work. However, enjoying every minute that I stay at home now. My days are usually busy with still some stuff to unpack and organizing the rooms and all. Making fresh lunches and dinners which my hubby dear is thoroughly enjoying:).

Prabu and I went to a small Indian grocery store yesterday because I needed me some curry leaves. They didn't have any vegetables what so ever except some sad looking green chillies. Another Indian store is 30 minutes away and since we took V with us, we didn't want to drive too far yesterday. So we stopped at this farmers market to pick up some vegetables. Boy it was good. Their caption says, "fresh produce...silly prices" and they really mean it. I got tomatoes by the vine for $0.77 a pound and I couldn't be happier. V got cranky towards the end so we had quickly rush out before man made a scene in the store:). I might go back again just to enjoy looking at those fresh fruits and veggies:). I am still missing the curry leaves though.

I do not have any latest pictures of V yet but here's one that mom took the day after we landed here.

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