Apr 21, 2007

Meet Bhagyalakshmi

In the movie Azhagiya Theeye, the hero who is an aspiring director drives a bicycle. He calls it Bhagyalakshmi:). Let me introduce you to my Bhagyalakshmi.

Bought this baby in 2002. It's been very loyal to me through out my college years and till date. Now I am leaving it here in NJ. Good thing is, I am selling this to one of my uncle. So I can always take it for a drive whenever I come down. I will still miss it though.

Anu and her mom stopped by. In the evening Sania and Her son Ayan ( Mom's neighbors) came to say good bye. Bala, Aunty and Meghana stopped in for a short visit.

Just in case you were wondering what the Scarlet Knights post is all about: Well, I drove around my old campus today and that post was the outcome:).

V started to sit in his bouncer instead of lying down to sleep. So we had to make him sleep on his tummy from today. I see that some one is going to be a handful.

Here are some pictures we took today.

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