Apr 27, 2007

"I am fineed"

That's what Monica says on Friends when she has a cold and pretends she is "fine" but that word fine never comes out right . She ends up saying, "I am fineeed" like a billion times:). Any who, I have a cold and that's just how I sound right now. I guess I am home sick a little:).

Nothing much going on in here. V doesn't want his bouncer anymore to sleep. He prefers sleeping on his tummy which makes life lot easier for us. I haven't taken many pictures after I came here. I promise to do it today.

Saritha and Somprav are moving to our neighborhood this weekend which is exciting. Now I have someone close by. Now V can play with their duaghter Siddhi. See he's got friends wherever he goes:).

I gotta go see what to make for lunch so I will say bye for now. I will probably come back up tonight with pictures of V. Ciao

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