Apr 19, 2007

V and his girlfriends;)

When I told everyone I was expecting a boy, my friend Roy and his wife Mystique were psyched. Now they don't have to worry about whom Mylena ( she just turned 1 recently) is gonna date:). But now V's got too many girlfriends in line;). We met another one of his friend today, Meghana. He had such a great time at Bala and Venkat's house. We took bunch of pictures with the kids and the grandmas. Bala and Venkat made an awesome dinner and I was so full with all the food. Click here for all the pictures we took.
Here's a sneak peak;).

Since he rolled over couple of days ago, now all he wants to do when we put him down is to roll over and smile:).

And he's getting so naughty. When e put him in the bouncer, he starts sitting and leaning forward. This is the start of us constantly keeping an eye on him. Boy oh boy!

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