Apr 10, 2007


That's what I did today. Cleaners came in in the morning and got the house cleaned and ready for the walk through this saturday. We just hung out today at mom's and didn't do much and had an awesome dinner at Rajesh and Priya's place.

We are trying to get V used to a pacifier. I did not want to use a pacifier. However, he started sucking his thumb and we decided if he uses the paci because then we can get rid of the habit fast (you know with those stories, "oops we lost it" and "oops the dog ate it" kinds). Also, It might be helpful in the 5 hour flight journey to Arizona. We started it last week but he didn't know how to keep it in. he kept spitting it out. Finally he figured it a little yesterday.

V also started getting cranky in the middle of the night. He gets up at 2am crying which lasts like 2 minutes and immediately goes back to sleep. I guess till now we have had good nights sleep with him so he's trying to prove otherwise:). He still is a good boy overall but he does act out once in a while:).

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