Apr 7, 2007

Packing - Part Four

Chaitu and Prabu came in this morning, talked out loud about packing, did some stuff here and there and finally this is what they have to say:
"Men are wiser. Men get things done better than women. Men are smart. .....", you get the point.Prabu claims he didn't say any of this and it's all Chaitu who said it and Chaitu says he is not afraid to tell the truth. Blah:). I knew these 2 were going to say/do these things:). They did finishing touches in the garage, basement and all the miscellaneous stuff. Right now they are out to get more boxes, so figured I will use this opportunity to biyaach about them:).

V was so excited to see his Appa and Mama. He showed them how he eats a banana( not the whole thing silly). We haven't started him on solids yet but mom gives him a tiny softened piece in the evening when he gets up from his nap. In the beginning he would spit it out but today he took it in and actually wanted to just lick the whole thing:).

Lata, Uday, Anant, Aman along with their aunt stopped by in the evening. It was very nice to see them after a long time. We are going to miss so many good friends. I know it's not like I am moving to the other end of the planet but still feels like it. V got goodies from them which he really appreciates:).

I took pictures today but didn't get a chance to upload them yet. Once done I will post new pictures. Till then enjoy this one:)

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