Apr 12, 2007

"V is cute but dang, it's a lot of work raising kids"

See that title of this post. My sweet cousin said that to me when I met her couple of weeks ago( Hi Swethu;)). I gotta agree with her 100%. V is a cutie and he does make all of us smile but boy is he on a roll now a days. He is refusing to be fed by bottle. What did we learn in the last 2 weeks?

- You do not have to buy 6 different bottles to see if it's the bottle he is not liking.

- It has nothing to do with the nipple color of the bottle because brown nipples aren't his favorite either.

- You do not have to try 3 different formulas wondering if it's the formula that's the issue.

-He was born with a personality of his own.

Tomorrow is his doctor's appointment. Hopefully I will get some answers from her as to what else we can do.

Dad landed on the 10th. He had a great time in India meeting all his sisters and brothers and cousins. V was all smiles when he saw him.

See that's the thing. Raising kids is a lot of work and consists of re-arranging your priorities and sacrifices and blah and blah but it just seems worth it at the end. Rambling over. You can all move with your regularly scheduled programs:).

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