Apr 15, 2007

Me and My Food Channel

They had food tv awards on today. Hour and half show and it was just fluff. They tried tdo it the Oscar awards style I think and I just wasn't feeling anything. Emeril Lagasse was the host and he called on other food network chefs to announce the nominees and the awards. The award was given by . And if you think the awards were for the best chefs and all you are wrong. It was all very weird and silly. One of the categories was "Hot Chocolate". Presented by none other than Rachael Ray and Giada De Laurentiis. 3 different chocolate companies nominated for making the best chocolate. ok...then. Also, the fact that I cannot stand Giada and her 3 mile stretching smile didn't help either. The one good thing about the whole show: Wegmans, my favorite store won the "Supermarket" award:)

Anywho, I forgot to mention something in my last post. On tamil new years day last year, Prabu and I told my in-laws that we were expecting V. I just remembered it and had to share it with y'all;).

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