Sep 3, 2008

Happy Elephant

Today is Vinayaka Chavithi. In order to explain this to V with as ease as possible, Prabu said, "Today is elephant's Birthday. Say Happy Birthday Elephant" My little guy caught on to that and kept saying Happy Elephant, Happy Elephant. He cannot say birthday yet :). he loves the whole pooja set up and insists on doing stuff for the "Swami". He is starting to say words in telugu and tamil (whichever is convenient to him at that moment).

I know it's been a while I blogged. Things have gotten crazy busy at work and home front. Had to get US passports and Indian visas for mom and dad as they will be going to India next month to attend their nieces weddings. I cannot believe I will be missing both the weddings. I would have to make myself feel better by watching the DVD.

I uploaded some pictures here from last month and today.