Nov 24, 2008

My Life - An Episode of "Friends"

If you are as nuts about the show "Friends" as I am you will remember the episode, "The one with Boots". In that, Monica buys these ridiculously expensive boots only to find out that they hurt like hell. I just did that last week. The silver lining, mine weren't expensive at all. I still will wear them but man do they hurt. Hey, have to pay some price to make it look good.

On non-boot news, Chaitu is coming this Thursday and I am super psyched. I finally have a menu set. I think next year I have to convince my whole familia in Jersey to come to AZ for thanksgiving since weather is much nicer here at this time ;). I know it's easy for me to just fly out there but man the thought of cold weather makes me tired :).

And as for a solution to my post the other day, I called Chaitu and told him he needs to fidn some one soon and get hitched so he can also get to be miserable once in a while like all us married couples are and then I can live happily ever after since my mom will be off my back.

Nov 23, 2008

Things That Make You Feel Good!

I told you before leaving my last post that I will be watching a movie that's going to make me feel good :) and oh yeah it did. Something about the latest Rajshri movies that gives goose bumps and feels good. Mind you, they are not for everyone. You have to be another Sowjanya to like them because I haven't met anyone who likes them as much as I do. I will give you this, they are overly romantic, "things like that don;t happen no more" kind of movies. But boy do I love them. There is the kind of shyness between the main characters in their movies that you just don't find anywhere.

I saw their latest movie Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi last night. You will hate it if you watch it :). I loved it. Por Que? because I am a hopeless romantic :).

Nov 22, 2008

Match Maker I am Not!

Everyone in the world knows my brother is single. That guy is happy being single and has not made any efforts to find someone. Meanwhile, I am getting my ass kicked by the family for not making any effort in finding him someone. This where you say, "What the EFF?" I also get, "You are settled, you should help him." Again, WTF. He is 20 flippin 9 years old and if he doesn't care, why should I?

Now that mom and dad are in India, I get these weird calls from mom.
Mom: Babai wants to know Chitu's salary because they are looking girls for him and the girl's parent's would like to know how much he is making.
Me: Mom, I called to find out how you are doing, I told you I have nothing to do with Chaitu and his marriage
Mom: How can you not know what Chaitu is making?
Me: Huh! Did you not hear what I just said.
Mom: I am sure Prabu knows. Have him call me
Me: Mom, you are tripping, no one knows how much Chaitu is making except Chaitu himself and we do not care.
Mom: Ask Prabu and let me know.
Me: You know what, I am hanging up.

She also got me in a wrong time and mood. I am already ticked off/frustrated with Prabu working long ass hours on weekdays and week ends ( Yup he won't be home tonight till 3 am) and feeling like a single mom. I got too much shit to take care of around the house, not to mention managing a full time job, full time mom (V doesn't have day care yet),full time cook, maid and what not and somehow I have to take on the responsibilities of being a match maker. No thank you.

Here is a perfect Saturday night hen V slept early and I am sitting here worrying about if I was rude to my mom on the phone. Damn, I hate feeling guilty and hate how parents do that? I am 110.89% sure one day I will do that to my children, so when I do, I hope this blog post comes back to kick me and makes me open my eyes.

I am off to enjoy my Merlot and a Salman Khan movie. If no one else, at least my boy friend makes me feel better :).

Nov 21, 2008

Second Birthday

This is also my 250th post on the blog. How nice :).

Last week was pretty rough on me. V started being cranky and not sleeping, not eating. I couldn't see any physical symptoms of fever or anything. Wednesday was the worst. At one point I almost packed my bag and thought of leaving for Jersey with him. And then he would quiet down and start. This went on whole day and he finally slept at 10.30 that night. I thought to myself, "Ok he is sleeping good. Tomorrow would be better." he woke up cranky and I just called his doctor. The nurse asked me why I wanted to bring him in. My response, "So that you can tell me what's going on because I give up at this point." She asked me to come in, checked him and said nothing is wrong, he is getting teeth and since he is also turning 2 this is normal. Alrighty then.

So by Friday he was better and we had a small get together for his day planned. Took him to the temple. The priest did a 30 minute pooja and V was such a good boy. Sat through the whole thing without a beep. I just couldn't believe how he was this monster one day and such a good baby the next :). Evening went good. Made good food, ate, V got some great gifts that he loved. He was very excited to cut the cake.

Next day he kept singing happy birthday to you. He also wanted to wear his "cake jeans". Well, cake jeans is nothing but the outfit he cut his cake in the night before :).

Here are uploaded pictures.

Nov 9, 2008

Na na na na na na

That's me singing. It's been so flippity flap crazy last 10 days that I am just singing my way through it. That's the only thing that let's me relax aside from cooking, reading and other things I try to get my hands on. Prabu has been out few days last week, was busy the rest of the days and worked on a 12 hour shift both Saturday and Sunday. And so, I was the cook, mom, analyst, maid, and what not. I need a Big martini and an appointment to the best Spa's in Arizona STAT... :)

I should start taking advantage of being in Phoenix. Looks like I am surrounded by the best Spas and Salons and restaurants but still haven't gone to any. The second Prabu stops being busy I am going out :). I did go to the mall with V yesterday and purchased something that I have been wanting for long time ( Mind you it was a want not a need).

V is going to be 2 this Friday. I am torn between going away or have a mini get together. We will see. Depends on how I feel on Thursday night:).

Nov 6, 2008

Questions That Every Reporter/Detective Asks!

Who got it?

What did he get?

This book
to add to my cookbook collection.

Where did he get it from?

When did he get it?
Yesterday when he came back from his 2 days business trip.

How did you react?

Why were you surprised?

Because we are talking about a guy who thinks Romance is the name of Ben & Jerry's new flavor and Spontaneous is something you would see a dermatologist for ;).

Nov 5, 2008

Math or Mastercard Ad

Number of rooms Vacuumed = 4

Number of loads of laundry done = 3

Number of bathrooms cleaned = 2

Number of errands run = 1

Vacuuming the Vacuum Cleaner at the end of it all = Priceless

Nov 3, 2008

Say Please!

We taught V to say Please and Thank You. He has gotten very good at it. We don't even have to "make" him say it. Ok, all fine and dandy. However he just taught me and Prabu the lesson yesterday. Prabu and I told him to pick up his toys and put them back in their place. He turns around and says to us, "Please". What happened then? What do you think happened? We got embarrassed. Apologized to him and said, "Vikram, pick up the toys, PLEASE" :). We should have known better :).

I booked my tickets to Atlanta to Visit Vani and Vitti and I am excited :). V will get to spend time with his cousins. And I also get to see my friend from school(from Kadapa) after almost 12 years. I am so psyched to meet her.

Nov 1, 2008

A Cup of Tea

Lately my wants have been very simple. I have come down from wanting diamond rings and Balenciaga bags to 5 minutes of peace and 10 minutes of "no-one-talk-tome" time. Among those comes my cup of tea. Every evening, I just like to have a cup of tea without V throwing tantrums, neighbor stopping by without calling, wrong numbers staying on the phone for 10 minutes even after explaining to them that I am not "Shop-rite"... well you get the hint.

After all that last week, I finally enjoyed a nice cup of tea today. Sent off Prabu and V on an errand ;). Phew, now I am fully energized to take on the next few tasks at home and at work :).

Yesterday was Halloween. V did not want to wear his outfit at all. I had to bribe him and make him wear it so I could take few pictures. He got out of it in exactly 9 minutes. It worked out fine as he doesn't get the concept of trick or treating yet.

PS: That curl on his fore-head is natural. We did not add any gel ;).