Apr 28, 2008

Random Ramblings

One paragaraph is not related to the other. I have had these thoughts/write-ups sitting in my drafts folder begging me to post them but they just don't deserve a whole post. So I am including them all Since hubby woke me up with his giganormous snore-fest, I figured this is perfect timing before the neighbor calls cops on us for "huge noise from 1st floor". Where were we? Yeah the random stuff.

Rambling 1:

So it is true that "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". Dolls went to Vegas and hasn't said a single thing about the trip except that it's "awesome" and several other adjectives which pretty much mean the same :). I cannot blame her because I would do the same ;). Sometimes, you enjoy certain things so much that you feel talking about it ruins the feeling (well I don't know about you but I feel that way). So we turned away from Vegas and talked about men. There's always plenty to discuss about them :). I was telling her how I usually tell Prabu what I want and they get it. Dolls was saying that I should go get it myself instead of asking. Well the thing is I got sucked into the "If you tell us what you want, it makes it easier on us". Now after talking to her, I am starting to think men are just lazy and use that phrase as an excuse. I mean you should be able to figure it out after a while, don't you think. If not, don't feel bad when I buy my own gifts.

Rambling 2:

I will be 27 in a week and it finally hit me that I am getting old. I had a good run so far and am hoping to have good run going forward. Am I afraid of getting older by a year? No. Everyone keeps telling me that I won't feel the same way after I turn 30 , well you never know. I might still feel the same way. I used to feel like I am the youngest in the house, now I have a kid and my cousins are slowly getting married one after the other in India and when they call me asking for something, it hits me that I am their older sister :). Funny I tell ya.

Rambling 3:

I finally shopped for my birthday. I just need to get me some new glasses and make-up and I will be set. Birthday is just an excuse. I think I need some sort of validation for my own sanity to get the "Chic mommy" award. Pregnancy not only leaves you with a flabby stomach, wacky hormones and stretch marks but also with guilt, self-esteem and control issues.

Apr 23, 2008

Shamu Shamu Shamu

That's all I heard over the weekend. We went to Sea World in San Diego and all I heard those 2 days were everyone saying Shamu. At the end of Sunday even V started saying Shamu and he knew Shamu meant fish :). The trip was fun over-all. V got to see his favorite Elmo on stage.

I have pictures and videos of the trip but need time to upload. I have to clean up my picasa as I went beyond the limit (take a guess as to why :)).

Prabu will be working this weekend and I still haven't decided what to do with the kids ;). Any ideas? I do have to start my birthday shopping though.

Apr 22, 2008

Can I toot my own horn for a second please?

So most of you know by now that I stalk Jaden at Steamy Kitchen. I have been mentioned on Tampa Tribune by her. I swear, I only sent her some Garam Masala and not a threatening note ;).

Here's a link to the article.

And Prabu thought he will only see my name in a paper along the headlines of 'Crazy wife smacks her husband' ;).

Father or Son

7 days before scheduled colonoscopy for dad:

Dad: I think we should post pone it till June.
Me: No dad, it has to be done now.
Dad: I heard it hurts and I am not ready.
Me: It doesn't hurt dad, it's a very simple procedure and you will be on anesthesia.
D: How do you know?
M: because I had to get it done few years ago.
D: But the doctor said it's only for people over 50.
M: The doctor said he likes to have all his patients over 50 to get it done, however young people have to get it done to when we have issues.

Day before procedure:

D: The juice you bought is opaque. Coconut water you got is transparent. It says to drink transparent juices.
M: Dad, here it says you can have opaque or transparent. Then drink the transparent stuff I bought and I will get more if you need.
M: Here, I made fresh veggies broth for you to have.
D: Nah, I don't want to.

After procedure:

M: How are you feeling? You okay? Doc. said they didn't find anything and you are good to go. You want to go home and rest. What do you want to eat?
D: yeah let's go to your place, do you have cigarettes at home?

Oh my god, it was like talking to a 5 year old throwing a tantrum. Chaitu asked me if I gave him a time out. I soooo wanted to. How do you give a time-out to a 60+ year old?

I still love my crazy ass life and I am not ready to trade it with yours yet. Now let me go get him his ciggies so he can have that for lunch.

Apr 15, 2008

"We multiply like we mathmatease..."

I have been listening to the old Back Eyed Peas song and that's all I keep singing. Any who, looks like I should be awarded "Stupid-ass-don't-know-her-math mother of the year" award because V is not year and half old yet. Mind you, no one said that I should get that award, I invented it myself.

Prabu's mom mentioned today that V is born on November 14th and he will be year and half on may 14th and not yesterday. My dad says he completed 17 months yesterday and turned 18 months so he is year and half old. I was sitting there watching them figure it out and all I could think was, "Dang, I am tired. I really could use a nap". I know I am a Comp. Sci. major and I should be good at this but I swear you brain dies at time when you have 6 kids to take care of and adding a year extra to your age in few weeks.

I took my nap and felt better only to be made to work my butt off by my Pilates instructor. Apparently, she doesn't like to hear, "Cheryl, my hands do not touch my feet". She's the eternal "you can do it sow" girl and I love her :). So yeah, I am getting one hour of bliss every week. I should add some kick boxing to my routine too, to relieve my stress and kick some butt;).

Apr 14, 2008

One year and Six Months

V turned 18 months today. Babloo is visiting us and V had a blast in the evening with him. he got too hyper, showed off all his word skills to Babloo and didn't sleep till 10 in the night ( which is wayyyyy past his usual bed time of 8.30).

Here is a picture of him that I took today.

and here is a video of what he was doing at 9.30 in the night without sleeping. I swear I didn't give him anything sweet ;).

Apr 9, 2008

I am alive

I know it's been a while. Things have gotten a teeny bit crazy with V's fever and all the parents out of town for 2 weeks. Now things seem to be on track but let's see. This could be calm before storm too ;).

We celebrated Telugu New Years on Monday. I uploaded all the pictures to picasa. Click the link on the right :). Next week is Tamil New years. V is slowly starting to talk/sing. He repeats any small words we say. He loves the song Mauja Mauja from my favorite movie ( Yes, after making him hear it for like billion times, it became his favorite). He is also starting to request specific songs for me to sing before his bedtime. It used to be lullabies before but now my man has specific requests. He is getting funnier and cuter by the day.

If you click on the link to the pictures, you will find bunch of train pictures. Last weekend we took this 4 hour train drive that goes through Verde River and it was beautiful. I have a video of V running around on the train, I will try and upload it soon. I think I want to go again :).