Jan 18, 2010

Dear Happiness,

I thought I had you in my hands when I first held V 3 years ago, you lasted for few hours before nurses took over and feelings of sudden depression, sadness and fear took over.

I thought I had you at my feet when I bought my first pair of Weitzman's on sale, you lasted for one dinner and 3 compliments.

I thought I had you the day my manager said I got promoted, you lasted few hours (at the end of which I found out that the promotion = 30 extra of hours of work per week + $50 increase per paycheck, I guess you are not a Math major either).

I seem to have you at length when I am singing away, but you see that's just not practical. I can not start singing "Let's get loud" in my office meetings or "Waiting for tonight" on Friday evenings.

I see you everywhere and still cannot seem to have you forever. Since you know I prefer better things in life to last forever (in your case more than few hours), could you try next time to stay for more than 24 hours. Oh and while you are at it, go spread some of yourself around the world too. Everyone needs you more than few hours

~Yours Truly

PS: Yes, we are waiting ;)

Jan 16, 2010

Why Oh Why?

We went to a house warming luncheon today. The couple have a 2 year old boy and a play room full of trucks, bikes and other toys. V fell in love with a Big M&M oil truck and was playing with it for the whole 3 hours we were there. Towards the end, I quietly told Prabu to find out where they bought that truck because I haven't seen it any where and thought it would be fun to surprise him with it :). I honestly don't remember V being around when I had this conversation with Prabu (I still think he didn't.. not sure and we forgot to ask them where they bought it and I can not find it anywhere and I am "googling" it for the last hour.grrrrrr).

So we come home. He is sitting with me on the couch yappin' away in his usual self and suddenly says, "I don't want any trucks amma. I have a big trash truck right. I have a big trash truck amma." I said ok to him but in my mind I was thinking "What the heck dude. Where do you come up with this stuff. Why do you not want any toy? You can have two different big trucks you know"...hahahha. Oh well! One of those moments that you cherish for the time it lasts :), before it turns into "I want it and I want it now" in the middle of a store few months to years from now :).

Here is a picture of the little brat and the Big Brat ;)

Jan 10, 2010

Whose Toy Is It Anyway?

Prabu put together a train table we picked up yesterday (I know, I have been doing a lot of shopping lately;)). We both were so proud once we set the tracks on the table and got it all ready in V's playroom. The jungle I made fit perfectly in the center of the table and I was oh so proud. We both loved the set up. V woke up in the morning and had a blast obviously. And it got me thinking, if I was selfish in the kind of things I pick for him for playing and the "creative" "funky" stuff I do for him :).

Growing up all I cared with regards to toys was the kitchen set that my cousin bought for me when I was in 2nd grace and then few years later my Nayanamma (Dad's Mom) gave me her set from her childhood. I still have few pieces from her collection that I managed to bring across from India to here :). They are not like the ones we get now and neither are they made of plastic, wood or stainless steel. They are made o copper and brass. I used to play for hours and would never let anyone mess with them :). May be that's why I got into loving cooking so much...lol. I was doing it since young :).

Coming back to V, so the toys I pick, I used to always wonder, is this what he will really like ? Am I doing this to some sort of compensate for something? And the big question of all, is it branded a girl toy and boy toy. At the end of it all, it's just fun for me and Prabu to sit back and watch him have fun with whatever we get or make for him. And you know he prefers that empty UPS box to play with than a huge toy you pick for him anyways :).

Oh, you do know you never take a 3 year old to a toy store and say "What do you want honey?" right! Because you will end up him/her wanting this ;)

Jan 9, 2010

Farmville Anyone?

So you saw from the below post that I made V a little bit of something :). Today while shopping at the $ bins at Target , I came across this cute green tractor,a pack of farm animals and a cute little red barn. How can I pass those? So presenting an updated "Farmville" ;). For those of you who don't know Farmville is a on-line game offered by Zynga via Facebook :).

I brought them, set them up and then V moves all the animals to the side. I said, "Honey, how can it be your farm or zoo if there are no animals in there". He says, "Momma, they are blocking my tractor. My tractor needs to go fast". Lovely :)

Here is a video of him playing with the farm yesterday (before the tractor, he had a pick up truck driving around :)).

Jan 6, 2010

This and That

I created/made a teeny tiny jungle/forest/zoo yesterday for V. Did shopping in Michaels for 1 hour and put this thing in 2 hours. V played with it for an hour today and said, "The jeep has to be in the play room momma. Don't move it please.".. Jeez. Thanks honey...lol.

He also helped me make dinner yesterday. I made Chicken Fajitas and he helped me with making the Guacamole :). Look how proud he is :)

Jan 4, 2010

Mantra of Happiness

Few months ago at end of what seemed to be the most stressful day of my life (yes, crap happens at my side of the world too ;)), I had a phone conversation with my attayya. At the end of the call she said, "Sowjanya, keep saying this to yourself every night before you go to bed. 'I want to be happy. I deserve to be happy and I am going to be happy'." It hit right in the head for me and helped me quiet a bit. Every time I get annoyed, angry,upset or sad I use the happiness mantra she taught me and everything seems to fall in place magically :). You can use it when you are happy too ;).

I also have my little brat to help me feel better any time;).

Jan 1, 2010

"The Answer Is Love"

I bought this sticker in Hawaii (What can I say, I fell in love with it ;)). It was about love for the Big Island, for me, it was just about love. It was/is always about love for me :). Oh yes, if you haven't figured it out yet, I am part of the crazy gang that believes love conquers all and can conquer all.

Go out and send some love for the person next to you this new year. Show them you care, tell them how much they mean to you and while you are standing next to them give them a big hug. It doesn't hurt and it doesn't cost you a penny. All it does is get passed on to the person next to them, because it is contagious :). Yes, Happy New Year to you too :)