Jul 21, 2009

Must Have Done Something Good

Parenting books never interested me. I never read the "What to do when your baby is...." series (Even though I definitely want to read the new "What to do when your baby is 39 years old"). It's finally clear to me that these kids are born with a personality of their own. Just as you go into a relationship saying, "We can never change a person", you cannot change the personality of these kids. They are stubborn, they have an opinion of their own. At the same time, they are very forgiving and they are as much sensitive to things that happen around them as much as you and I are. You can and should give them the best of everything you can afford and offer, whether it is the clothes or the toys or education.

I had to re-think /re-do the whole way I deal with V recently. Things are going much smoother now with him. He was never a major tantrum throwing kid. There was always a reason when he got cranky. He loves his personal space and likes people to leave him alone at times :). Something that happened last night told me, I must have done something right with him and I hope he continues this way :).

V saw me with tears in my eyes and said, "You Ok Momma". Now I don't remember why I was crying last night and I only remember crying with happiness that he asked me that :). He was nice to me all night and was being goofy and funny with me. I think I saw him as a man and not as a toddler last night :). Just as every mother thinks of their son this way at some point, my time is today to say this: "V will make some one very happy one day. He already made his momma proud".

Happiness - Thy Name is Razor Scooter

My cousin Madhu sent Vikram a Razor scooter. It was Leela's and I am hoping I can pass it down to Anand :). Mom and dad are back in town from NJ and they brought it with them and V 's glee knew no bounds. It's been a week and he still parks it in the bedroom when he is sleeping. And today we found a red helmet and I cannot stop him from being goofy and funny all in one :).

Jul 12, 2009

Looking for "The One" again ...

Get your brain out of gutter. I am talking about a hairstylist..lol. Few months ago, I thought I found the perfect one who knew how to handle my hair. I am very picky because I am very sensitive when it comes to my hair and I hate rough handlers and people who burn your scalp in the name of blow drying :).

Went back to her for another appointment last week. First strike: Didn't want to cut my hair because well, you will regret it she said. Fine I gave in. Second strike: Let's not do the color you want, let's go lighter for summer and it didn't come out great. Fine. Third Strike: She wnated me to come visit her church.

No, no and no. No, it's not because my religion says I cannot go to a church and no it's not because I am busy with my temple activities. I just don't even go to the Hindu temple regularly. I go when I feel like it. I go at 7 pm on a Wednesday when I know there will be no one and it's just so peaceful. So thanks to her, now I have to go looking for The One again.

Jul 8, 2009

Making Deals

V calls nail polish, mail polish at times and got his hands and feet painted yesterday as part of a "plea deal". Before you think, my house is a jail and I am the ADA, Prabu the warden and V a prisoner... Here is how it went down :).

V's been sick since Monday night and his fever kept going up till 104 last night. We had to give him medication every 4 hours and for the first 3 times, he took it when we mixed it in his favorite juice and gave it. Smarty pants figured it out by 4th time. So now he says he doesn't like juice (gosh darnit). When I had to give him the 4th time, the conversation went something like this:

Me: Alright hon, time for juice.
V: Nope
M: I will give you a new toy cement truck
V: Nope
M: Well, if you don't drink it we have to go see Dr. Lisa then.
V: Nope
V: Can I have Purple mail polish?
M: Will you drink the juice if I paint your toes?
V: yes.

And the result is this

For the 5th dose, he had his fingers painted. So now he is walking around very proud of his nails. I swear, he will be one well groomed Ducati driving hunk ;).

Anywho, we had to take him to the doctor to make sure nothing serious. Looks like he has a viral fever and it should be down in few days. Poor kid's gotten week and is entertaining himself with watching his favorite DVD's over and over because he has no energy to talk/play or even walk for few minutes. Today was better than yesterday and here's to hoping tomorrow will be better than today :).

Jul 1, 2009

What I Did...

last night is something lot of people might not confess to ;). Since I have no shame let me say it. I played with V's toys. I should have been cleaning/organizing the house as we are moving into a different apartment (in the same complex) by end of August but nahh.. I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday arranging all V's bikes,cars,ATV's and all :). He is down for his afternoon nap now and I was able to do it again and take some pictures too :).

Here is the proof for my one hour of "cleaning".