Aug 30, 2007

Adding Recipes

Well, I have been adding bunch of recipes to my recipe blog. Why? Well, I am hoping my hunny bunny like sto look up recipes online when he is in a mood to cook and I am hoping he will make something from these recipes when I am home after the surgery ;).

Aug 29, 2007


No, I am not going to review the movie. V learned how to scream couple of days ago and boy are we having fun. He is also turning out to be a teeny bit brat when he doesn't get what he wants. Too bad he doesn't realize, he still won't get it if he throws a tantrum :).

I learned a few tricks from Madhu and watching how she used to communicate with Leela. So I try to copy that. It works sometimes and it doesn't. And also, Leela is just a sweet kid who never threw tantrums (may be she did but I have never ever seen one yet). I try to tell V , "gentle gentle" and "Please use your inner voice". He will look at me and give me a laugh and would jump on me to hug me. There goes my training him :).

He is also getting teeth so he is very miserable right now.

Here are some new pictures. And yes, he was playing with diapers and just fell asleep without us having to put him to bed :).

Aug 26, 2007

A week in review

Before leaving Chaitu rented a car and let me have it for a day last week. It felt good to get back in the wheel. And it also reminded why every girl should have a big brother :). Cooking, singing in really loud pitch voice, driving, writing: these are just some of the things that I love to do.

Here is what V is upto now a days:

- You can see his bottom teeth coming out slowly. He is in pain but is doing good so far.

- He is more vocal, saying lot of new words. Tries to repeat what we say.

- Starting to get stubborn, screams if he doesn't get what he wants.

- Learned that Amma and Appa do not give in to his whims as much as he thought :).

- Trying to get on to the couch by himself by lifting his feet.

- Loves to play in the kitchen because it has tiles and tiles make more noise than carpet.

Prabu and I also went for a movie this weekend. Last night actually. "Super Bad". It was fun. I think I enjoyed just us going out more than the movie. Prabu enjoyed the movie better ( here is where you say, "Oh men!").

Oh on the health front, I am having half my thyroid removed on September 7th. Why half? Because thats the bad part and my doc says we don't need to remove it completely.

Aug 21, 2007

Arizona - 0, NJ - 1

I didn't want to say this in the last post and make it all weepy so here.

It was very weird having the Annaprasana for V without the family around. Don't get me worng :). Mom, dad and Chaitu were there and so were our friends and we had a greta time. But it was just strange not having Attayya, Mamayya, Madhu, Rajan, Leela, Aki, Siva and all. It's just not the same without our usual gang ;). There was no telugu, tamil, english language confusion. There was no , "Sowjanya is helping the economy by buying gold" comment by mamayya. And I couldn't even call Aki to tell her to wear matching saree along with me. Felt weird, I tell ya :)

I don't want to leave this post on a sour note so here are beautiful pictures of Ananya Sarkar.

Aug 19, 2007

First Rice Feeding

Anna Prasana ( rice feeding) went fine yesterday. My boy was ready with all the bling bling :).

Here is how the ceremony breaks down. Maternal Uncle (in this case Chaitu) should feed the baby a sweet sticky rice 3 times. And then we place 5 different things on the floor to see which one the kid picks up first. Each signifies something. We placed book, pen, cash, gold and butter knives. If he touches :

Books - He will be good in college
Pen - He will become a writer
Cash - He will become a businessman
Gold - He just loves his moneys ;)
Knives - He will be a thief ( Who comes up with this coughcoughcrapcoughcough)

So V grabbed book with one hand and cash with the other.

I posted pictures here. Here is my favorite.

We had Saritha, Som, Siddhi, Pallav and Monica over for lunch. I made quiet a few dishes for lunch. Will post recipes later.

Prabu, Chaitu and I went out for a drive later in the evening. We had coffee and then forgot where we parked the car and ended up looking for it for 25 minutes. At one point, I was hoping the car was stolen ;). Why? because during coffee it was decided that I will have to wait for a house because market is going down and that I don't need a car since I am working from home and Prabu is always there for me 24/7 as my personal "I-will-take-you-wherever-you-want" guy. And you thought I get everything I wanted ;)

Aug 16, 2007

9 month Collage

It's so fun to see the changes in V from those pictures:). Chaitu is flying down this weekend for Vikram's Anna Prasana. The menu is set and all I have to do is shop and also make sure I fit into my Indian clothes :).

Aug 13, 2007

Hair Therapy

See, this is me. This is how I am. Some days there will be like a million posts and some days none. Let's get to the main point of this post now shall we?

I went and got some hair therapy. Hair therapy? What is it? ( I know you wanna know) It's just a hair cut that makes you feel better when you are feeling like crappyola ;). I have been meaning to get a hair cut for a while now. And I got a great suggestion by a fellow "pea" ( from my scrapbooking 2peasinabucket website). So I printed that picture out, took it to the stylist and voila. Here it is;). I am looooving it.

Ignore the crappy t-shirt but what do you think of the hair ;).


Ananya Sarkar. Partha and Mou had a baby girl Wednesday night. Baby and mother are doing fine. I will upload pictures as soon as the parents find some time to upload them :). I love the name Ananya means unique or one-of-a kind.

Weekend went by so fast. Mom came back from NJ on friday. Saturday Prabu and I went out to Ikea to pick up a desk for my "work-from-home" thing ;). And then we went to mall for shopping. I made Prabu buy some stuff for himself, so I don't feel too guilty about my purchases;). Had lunch at a Mongolian grill and then went to check out some houses. Yesterday was spent in setting up home office and me cooking for this week.

I have to upload lot of recipes. Will do that soon:).


Prabu's grandma ( ammamma) passed away last night. She has been sick for a while now and hasn't been able to eat any solids for last week or so. It was very hard on Prabu's mom and her sisters to watch her in pain and not be able to do anything. They are all relieved in some sort that she is not suffering anymore. Prabu and I are doing fine. Sucks that Vikram would never be able to meet his great grandmother :(

Aug 9, 2007

Stupid cooking burns

I had this major post ready in my brain. I thought I would sit tonight and type. But guess what, got a teeny tiny finger burning drama in the kitchen and I cannot type anything that takes more than 10 sentences. So I will be back soon once I take the ice pack away. Good night!

Wanted for hire!

I am thinking of placing this ad ;) in the paper as Jay is leaving for Germany. He says he will be back but still :(

Age: 25 - 30 yeas
Sex: Male or female
Where: Preferably in Phoenix area
What should they do?

- Go shopping with me ( clothes and shoes only - no groceries)
- Listen to when I bitch about Prabu and not judge
- Find V as cute as I do
- Answer the phone when I call at 1am
- Tell me I am not crazy :)
- Not run away to Germany or any other country

What will I do? I promise to do the same for ya;).
Know anyone?

Aug 7, 2007

Blah blah and blah

That's how I feel. Just blah. Getting tired too soon and not interested in anything and everything. I need some shopping therapy. Last 2 weekends shopping didn't do it for me as I couldn't get anything I liked. May be some online shopping therapy should do. I miss the old days. Just go to mall, pick what you like and walk out. Now I have to watch what I buy because I am a 26 year old mother and gotta dress decent(Not that I am interested in fish net stockings). I just don't see myself shopping in forever 21 or even gap anymore. As you could see, last few posts have been about clothes. I think I am going to do something. Get a sewing machine, patterns, fabric and make my own clothes the way I like. You want one? I will let you know when I open the shop.
Forget shopping therapy. I might go get some hair therapy once mom is back.

Here are some pictures of V that I posted today. I think that's the major perk of being a mom. No matter how blah you feel, you look at this little dude and you just smile and forget everything. It's not a bad deal after all :).

Aug 4, 2007

Bowling baby

Prabu's office had a get together of employees and their family at this bowling place yesterday night. It was so much fun. Bowling after 5 years was good. Getting back into your size 2 jeans 8 months post-delivery is priceless:). V was such a good boy yesterday. he wore his favorite "Daddy's Team" shirt and was too cute. We all went to mall today so that I can find some decent clothes. But found none. I am not liking this silk and crappy looking material. Do these companies seriously think no body looks at the material anymore?

Mom is having a great time in NJ. She met V's girlfriend. We know her name but that's just how we call her ;). While mom is in NJ, I am getting better and better at multi tasking. The only thing I still haven't figured out is how to eat lunch at proper time without V having to throw a tantrum :).

I will post some pictures tomorrow. Right now I am going off to check some clothes online. I seriously wanna spend some money.