Feb 21, 2008


I usually don't talk much about movies here because thats the job of Dolls. She gives her reviews and then I decide whether it's worth it or not :). I saw a movie yesterday and it put me in a very pleasant mood(which is hard to get now a days:)).

The movie name is "Vivah" which in Hindi means marriage and is a Suraj Barjatya's movie. I am a big fan of his movies. His movies have this subtle romance and a very deep too-good-to-be-true chemistry between the lead pair which I don't find in most other movies. Any who, I heard horrible reviews about this movie. SO never bothered watching it but I did now because Shahid Kapoor is the hero and I am glad I did. This movie came in a time when all everyone was talking about was action, cheesy flicks. This movie does make you say, "Oh, come on. No one talks like that anymore". Well, no one kills the bad guys and gets away either but we are watching those movie so why not give this a try.

There are only 3 movies that give me goose bumps ( not the scary goose bumps) and this is now the 4th.


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You will also notice Prabu's name as a contributor. I have been debating about letting him into my turf ;) but after one f my good friends suggested it too I had to let him in. Be nice to him and he might post some funny stuff for you :).

Feb 19, 2008

How do I do it?

I get this question a lot now a days. May be because I have 5 kids to take care of in the house (none of them is V by the way). All the kids(namely mom,dad,amma,appa and Prabu)demand my attention and do throw tantrums. There are days when I want to give them all a time-out and there are days when I want to give myself a time-out from it all. I have seriously considered pulling a Britney Spears too.

Before even I(Prabu was not part of my thinking process at that time so no "we") had the thought of getting pregnant, I shot an email to few of my cousins,friends and co-workers who already had a baby. I asked them how they did/do it? I had perspectives from different moms. And then we (here is when Prabu joined the scene)sat together and talked about how we would manage. Since my parents lived in the country, we knew we would have help through out. We learned from our nephews, nieces and kids of our friends.

Raising a kid yourself is different from raising a kid with grandparents. The generation gap(yes it does exist), the changes in technology and medications, the cultural differences.. I can go on. It's like a battlefield at times in the house:). Prabu and I decided early on the battles we would fight and the things we would let go for now.

Warning:Modesty stops here. I do give credit to myself for doing things that I do. When I feel exhausted, I look at mothers who have 8 kids and tell myself to suck it up. When I am really really ticked off at things, I start cooking and cleaning:)(weird, I know). Most of all, this is what keeps me going:

Feb 14, 2008

Yappy Yappy La

That's V's language for "Happy Happy Love". It used to be so much easier taking pictures of him when he was younger. Now that he's at "I-cannot-stand-still-for-one-micro second" age it's getting hard. I still managed to take some snaps with the V-day gift I got for him.

Before you think he's cute here's what he did to the bear (or in other words, how he ran away form me).

One of my friends wanted to know why I am "corrupting his mind with these pseudo holidays"? Because I am selfish. I want his future girlfriend to say, "Your momma raised you good" ;);). Until unless he decides to go against me;). Well, no harm in trying now, is it? Hey, I haven't been talking to him about Vday yet. One day when he is old enough, him and I will go watch a show hopefully.

Feb 13, 2008

Yo blood sucker...

Dear Miss.lady at the lab,

Your job is to draw blood from people. I understand it might not be what you wanted but then you are at work, aren't you? I told you upfront, I cannot unfortunately look at the needle sucking my blood. I am phobic. Again, unfortunately I have to do this every 6 weeks because of my stupid Thyroid issues. So please be gentle with me. Thanks for telling me that you "Hate people who don't like needles". May be you need a new job. You will get all sorts of people at this. I am sorry you are having a bad day but don't mess with my veins and hands. I promise not to come to your lab again on Wednesday because looks like you work on Wednesdays. I hope you have a good rest of the week.

Thanks and Regards
~Lady with a bruise.

Feb 11, 2008

Seeing the Changes

It's so much fun watching V grow. He is getting bigger, badder and brattier(with 2 sets of grand parents in the house you think;)). He is at a stage where he wants to play all the time. Since weather is getting nice here, he is out all day playing. I cannot wait to have our own house with a little yard, so I can let him play out:). Yesterday he entertained himself for 20 minutes straight playing with socks and a laundry basket while the grandma's were folding his clothes. Here is proof. And don't ask me where his pants were. Everyday it's a ritual. We give him sower twice a day and both times by the time we put the pants on he is out of our hands running around in his diaper.

Feb 7, 2008

Riding with V

V and I went all by ourselves for a little spin around the block in the new toy. He was such a good baby. I played his favorite music ( He is still deciding between 'Mauja hi Mauja' and 'Cheli Jabili' songs) and he sang along with it. It was only a short drive. However, I had fun :).

I also enrolled him in Music Together. Chetna told me about this when I was in Jersey. They are based in Princeton but have branches all over. We have a branch right near our house and I am so psyched about it. We are going for a demo class in March and regular classes start a little later. 45 minutes per week for 10 weeks is not a bad deal at all.

Weather is starting to get nice around here. It's getting warm and V wants to be out playing all day and all night :). Before I sign off, here is the naughty him trying to do somersaults. he hasn't gotten it yet but he is trying day in and day out.

Feb 6, 2008

My baby is here....

finally :). I also got my new camera today. So took these pictures with it.

It's a 2007 Honda Fit. I am still debating between which license plate to get:
- One that says, "YINTI"
- One that says, "'N FINE"

What do you think?

Here is V with momma's new toy.

Feb 5, 2008

Did you vote?

I did. If you can, then please don't forget to vote. If you have already done so, then good for you :). Beg a ride, borrow a ride, steal a ride, do whatever you want but don't give any excuse :).

Feb 4, 2008


Don't hate me, but I am so excited that Giants won. I wish they won when Prabu was working for Giants Stadium in NJ. Oh who cares, they finally did :). Sorry ladies, Tommy did get his ass whupped yesterday ;).

On to the other news, I am getting 2 things this week. One is a brand new camera that I ordered yetsrday so expecting it to arrive some time next week.

Drumroll please: I will be getting my baby today. Wait to see what and how it looks:). I am dying here of excitement. Can't ya tell?