Jun 27, 2008

An interesting Telugu Novel

Every month Eenadu posts their magazine Chatura online. Chatura basically is a monthly magazine that has one novel and few short stories. If you are a telugu novel/short story buff like me you will enjoy this. Eenadu publications has been publishing another monthly called "Vipula" which features short stories from different languages translated in telugu. This is my all time favorite. I had a huge collection of these back in India. Too bad, I couldn't carry those 100lbs of books back here with me.

Anyways, if you can read and understand telugu, you should totally check out this month's Chatura novel. It's a very interesting/different read.

Weekend of 06/22/08

We went to Visit Anand:). V got all jealous whenever mom or I tried to hold Anand.

Here's Baby Anand and Babloo.

Jun 18, 2008

"Shame Shame Momma"

Since V's gotten into the habit of running around the house naked sometimes, I told him big boys don't do that and everyone will say shame shame when they see him like that. So, every time I change his diaper he says shame shame :), which is all fun and cute.

I took him to the mall the other day and while we were walking by, he saw this mannequin in the window of Victoria's Secrets with just underwear and screams "Shame Shame momma". Oy! the lady walking by said, "Oh how cute". I don't know about cute but I think I need to introduce the whole conversation of when to say what ;).

And here's a silly V.

Gentleman's Promise

Even though it was given over a bottle of beer and a martini, someone kept their word and I am getting it on Tuesday. Why yes, your eye's are not deceiving you. That is me doing the happy dance :).

Jun 17, 2008


We drove down on Sunday to Williams to meet our cousins who were on their way from Chicago to Vegas to Grand Canyon. It was so much fun seeing them after many years. V kept asking for "Aunty" and Mama all the way back home.

Next weekend, we are off to visit our newest addition in the family. Ramesh and Julie had a Baby Boy few weeks ago. V is excited to meet his new cousin Anand:).

Jun 11, 2008

Say it with me, "Kudetart"

Well that's spelled "Coup Des Tartes". A faux restaurant we went to, to celebrate our anniversary tonight. I say faux because all over on-line they are claimed as "fine-dining","French culinary institute trained owner" and blah blah blah and it's nothing like it. I worked in a fine dining restaurant for an year and I know what food and service in places like that should be like. I liked the presentation and taste of the dishes we ordered but the way the waitress and everything else around the restaurant was such a turn-off. You can ask me how the food is 2 time in an hour but please don't ask me if I'm done eating when I still have the fork in my mouth with your $30 chicken.

I don't know which was worse, them serving paper menus or our waitress greeting us with a, "what would you like to order". Ahem, could we get some water first and a "How are you doing today?". Ahhh, screw her, Prabu and I still managed to have a good time out of it and enjoy our 5th anniversary and 7 years of being together without killing each other yet. Happy Anniversary Burpus :).

Yes he is only 18 months old

ok may be going to be 19 months :). I have gotten lot of, "Come on. He is only year and half?" from people when I tell them V's age. Hey you asked and I told you the truth. If you ask my age I might pull a " 25 years and 13 months", but I don't think V's there yet :). I think that's because V's a little tall for his age and repeats everything we say without baby talk. Oh well!. So here are some fun things he's been up to. I uploaded more pictures on Picasa. Click on the link to the right :).

Jun 5, 2008

"I Don't Procrastinate. I Re-Schedule"

I saw that fridge magnet when we were at smoky mountains few years ago. I remembered it today because I am falling off my wagon and I need to get back. I have used my "busy with work", "playing with V", "doing 60 loads of laundry" excuses already. I still have "cooking", "Vacuuming" left. So let's see if I can get the house in order before that.

Jun 3, 2008

Guess what I got?

I got a birthday gift from Saritha over the weekend. Wanna guess what it is? DVD of 'Vivah'. That officially confirms that she's got me figured out and knows what I want to the T:). Now i can drool over Shahid whenever I want;).

Saritha and I saw Sex and the City movie over the weekend. Movie was good actually. I liked it better than the TV show. It also felt like a giant add for all the designers. But who cares, it was lot of eye candy for me (I am talking about the purses and dresses). I think I am definitely buying the DVD when it's out.

Prabu's parents left for India on Sunday. V did ok. He asks about them once in a while and we tell him they are in India and he's trying to say India. He is starting to talk a lot and repeats everything we say.

My to-do list's been increasing by the day. Our 5th anniversary is in a week and I haven't bought a single gift for Prabu yet. I am surprised at myself because I usually have everything planned, bough, wrapped a month before. I guess that's what happens when you go past 4 years(excuses man, I tell ya);).