Mar 27, 2008

He said, She said...

Since mom is back, Prabu and I sneaked out for a drink last night after V slept. Here is how it went down:

He: I am so sorry, I have been working really long hours and haven't been much help around the house.

She: Not a big deal. So what do you want for anniversary. It's our 5th you know.

He:I don't want anything. You know that. What do you want?

She: I was hoping we can go to Paris.

He: I was thinking we should go in December. V would be 2 by then, and it might be easier on him and us.

She: hmmm.... yeah sounds good.

He: What do you want for gift? Paris trip is not gift.

She: Well, I was thinking of getting a platinum wedding band (muttering under breath with diamonds)

He: Definitely. This anniversary, I will buy you whatever you want and that's my promise.

She (thinking in her head): I got one sucker to myself. Tiffany's here I come ;).

There is nothing better than making your man promise stuff for you when he is in a good mood and had a drink. I propose all you ladies out there try it ;).


I haven't gone anywhere. Last week was the first time for me and Prabu without the parents around. Just my dad was around and we did good. All the boys behaved and helped me as much as they could. Jay visited us for one weekend and we had dinner out one night and next day I made him some food at home.

Mom's back and V couldn't be happier to see her :). He starting to talk a lot now. Says all the little words and makes sounds like cat, dog, cow and horse. I should take more of those 15 second videos and post it ( Heck yes I show him off ;))

Mar 19, 2008

I like to Sweep It Sweep It

Anything you can do, I can do Better

Can I? Really?. Today is day 2 of just me, Prabs, V and my dad being at home. Rest of the crew is in Jersey. I think we are doing ok so far. I just wish I didn't have to work. I love being a SAHM. I am definitely the "I -can-handle-everything" multi-tasker but just the tension of having to finish of projects on deadlines just ruins everything else I want to do.

I still managed to make lunch, work and take care of V today (cleaning, who said anything about cleaning?). Prabu worked from home yesterday and today to help me out. poor guy, he is so busy with work and feels guilty for not helping out. Dad is helping out more too which is always nice.

Another thing I noticed is that after pregnancy and child birth, I am not able to run around and do all the stuff I used to physically. I get more tired and sometimes I just want to sit and write up this blog and just relax without doing anything.

Ok now let me go do my relaxation before V gets up from his nap :).

Mar 13, 2008

Telugu Daughter, Tamilian Daughter-in-law

That's what my profile says. I think after 7 years of being with Prabu I have become more Tamilian than ever. So much that while typing the title for this post I wrote, "Tamil Daughter, Tamilian Daughter-in-law". I do forget sometimes that I know Telugu and that I am born an Andhriite:).

It's not about just speaking the Tamil language. I still suck at it even though Prabu's family thinks I speak better Tamil than him(BURNNNNN ;)). From the outside we are just two South-Indians. However, the truth is for me it's two worlds apart. The food, clothing, music, movies, culture... you name it I can show the difference. Good part for me is I somehow started embracing the difference and started to be a part of it instead of staying outside and being a total spectator. I learned the language, I watch the movies, I cook and still try to cook authentic Tamil food.

When I started dating Prabu, the only thing I liked was some Tamil songs. When we got serious about our relationship I started learning the language just to make Prabu's mom comfortable. It's hard enough to know your son decided to marry some girl of his choice without the parents' input, you really want to make it hard for them by saying, "Oh by the way she won't talk to you in any language except English." Not that Amma cannot speak English, it's just that everyone feels much more comfortable in their mother tongue. So after I was done kissing Prabu's family with my Tamil speaking skills, I moved on to the food.

I truly believe that whole "You can get to a man's heart is through his stomach" blah blah bull. Why? Only because I know Prabu truly enjoys anything and everything I cook for him. And on the quest of making him say, "Wow you make good Tamil food", I bought all the Tamil Cooking books I can get my hands on. Got recipes from Amma and what not. I thought I had to make so many dishes but one authentic Kozhambu and my man fell in love with me all over again. I should have known that he is sooo flippity flap easy to please.

Any who, all I am saying is, it's not that bad at all. I love the changes I went through and I still enjoy it every single second. And at the end of the day, it's not about what part of the country you are from and what language you speak or what color dress you wear, it just truly is about the person you do it for. I do it all just for this smile.

Shhhhh..... Don't tell Grandma..

That I am running away in her shoes...

Mar 8, 2008

Someone Stop Me

I am watching Vivah for the 3rd time in a row(that makes it 15th time in total). I am so flipping addicted and weird. I know. Thanks for your assurance.

Prabu is out at work. I know it's close to midnight but his whole team is there doing some "going live" business ( ask me if I care ;)). I am at home and dreaming about being in NJ and hanging out with Dolls with a Mojito in hand. I really have to start working on convincing Dolls to move here. I miss my girls much more at times like this.

Mar 7, 2008

Why WWF or WWE?

I still call it WWF. Even though they changed it to WWE, for me it will always be WWF. I started watching this fighting thing back in India. Those were the days when Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin were in the game. Prabu was shocked in the beginning to know I love this show. I could imagine him being surprised because I never ever watch any violent movies and I usually forward any fighting scenes from the movies I see. Then why do I watch this?

Because it's pure entertainment. The plots, the sub-plots, the cute fighters and their outfits is all what that makes it. You don't see blood as often as you see in any Indian or American movie fights. I actually come out with a sense of peace after watching. Call me weird now. I am human and there are times when people I interact with piss me off and I want to smack them. Since I cannot and don't do that, I live myself through this WWE show :).

Enough rambling, let me go watch my wrestle-mania. They got Triple H back :)

Fake Nails, Real Pain

I decided to treat my self for a waxing and pedicure session before leaving for Disney. Some how I got the lady who did my pedicure talk me into getting some fake nails. No judging people who have them but I never liked them. I said fine let's go for it. I told her I do not want the square shape and to keep it as small as possible. She did a good job with it but boy I hate them. I am going tomorrow to have those darn things removed. I burnt my finger real bad yesterday and had to clip that nail off. It's so hard to type and today I hurt my thumb closing a stupid window. Yucks....I need to go get me a drink.

Mar 4, 2008

Being in a polygamous relationship

I am not talking about the show on TLC. I am talking about me sharing my husband to 2 more love interests of his. Now, before you all head down here to kick him, hear me out ;). You see, he moved to Arizona to be with his first love interest A.K.A his work. New job, new place, new position. To keep up with it all, he's been working very hard and dedicating as much time as he can to it. I cannot complain much about this lady love of his because she pays us well enough. I can quit my job if I want to because of her.

Now let's talk about the second love interest of his. My new car. Granted we bought it for me and it's mine(trying to make a point that it's all mine). Prabu (he says we but I disagree) already spent quiet a bit on it buying things for it, making it feel special. Already made a trip to the dealer to get some stuff fixed with a tag line of, "It's all for you honey". He wants to take it to the dealer again on Monday because he hears some noise from the speakers.

So I am now living with 2 love interests of his in the same house. Do I get jealous of them? Hells yes. I think I am more jealous of the car than the job ;). I am writing up every penny spent on the car and taking that amount and spending it on myself(May be I should get those Sevens I have been eying). or better yet, I will teach the fit how to cook and clean ;).

V's new ride

Mar 3, 2008

Disney Trip

Pareeks and Thevars took a trip to Disney Land in CA this weekend. We left Thursday evening and were back Sunday evening. It was our first trip and we all had good fun. V didn't care much which we expected because he is too young to get into the Disney hype:). He did enjoy the Winnie the Pooh ride and the Chew-Chew train.

For me and Prabu, it was a nice trip and we don't mind going back again and I don't mind going back again and again. I don't know if it's Disney repeating at every step that, "Dreams do come true" or just something about the beautiful fie works with a nice back ground music but I did make a wish as they said during the fireworks. Weird me.

And yes, it was cooooooold.

I took a lot of pictures and they are all here. Here are a few just in case you are too tired to go through them all.

Chaitu's Visit

Chaitu visited us two weeks ago for 2 days. It was a very short visit and I wish he stayed longer. Kinda miss him now that I don't get to see him every day like I did in Jersey. V remembered him even though he was meeting him after 4 months and had great fun. We visited down town Scottsdale on Saturday afternoon and went to the mall on Sunday. Here are bunch of pictures from his trip.

And here is my favorite: