Oct 22, 2009


V was throwing a major tantrum on Monday evening. Nothing would keep him satisfied. I said "I am going to count to 3 and then we are going to be quiet for few seconds. If not, I will have to take you to the fire station and give your name to the fire fighter to add it to his bad boys list" Well, turned out he didn't care and I followed through on my promise.

There was a fire station half a mile down from our apartment. My plan was to drive around and show him and he would be quiet. I was driving by and it worked but then there were two fire fighters playing basket ball outside. They waved and said hi and I pulled in and parked the car. Got V out. He was afraid for like 30 seconds. Then he started yapping, yapping and yapping..lol. He told them that I brought him in because he was a bad boy (shoot me now) and promised he will be a good boy from now on :).

I apologized to the guys. They were so nice. One of them said he has a son and he knows exactly what I was feeling :). They took V inside to show the fire truck, asked his name, gave high-fives and a fireman hat to take home :). It wasn't one of my best mommy moments. Just a desperate attempt to make him stop the whining and the screaming:). When I was putting him to bed I asked him again why he cried in the evening. "Because I wanted to wear the poop diaper and didn't want you to change it"

Diwali - 2010

Chaitu came down from Jersey and the Karras came down from Polacca. V had so much fun having the family around and playing with Anand. I uploaded the pictures in Picasa for you all to enjoy :). I have to say we had a traditional/non traditional Deepavali. We all had drinks by the pool on Saturday and then showered, got dressed in Indian clothes and went to temple. Ain't we half and half? lol

We took the kids to Children's Museum of Phoenix on Sunday. Anand and V had such a blast. Wish we had a 4 day weekend :). It was sad to watch V get all dull Sunday evening when every one went back :(. He is at an age where he is starting to show the difference between being sad and upset and crying just for the heck of throwing a tantrum :).

V wants you all to know he had "Dard-E-Disco" shower yesterday. What the hell is it, you ask? Well, it's a song from Bollywood movie Om Shanti Om. In that the hero is splashed with water. So my little man wanted the same kind of shower. So he will sit on his bath stool and I have to stand and pour water from a mug like a fountain. Oh yeah, I make him watch those songs. Why? Because I get tired of watching PBS at times :). Selfish you say? Hello, have we met? ;)

Oct 12, 2009

Polygamy - Part Deux

Remember back in the day I bitched about how I feel like a second wife to Prabu (Link to the Bitching;)), well the roles have been now reversed and I think Prabu feels like he is my second husband as I have made my work priority number one. Before you all jump at me with how my child and husband need to come first :), well when you are part of a team, you suck it up..lol. It's been such a bumpy ride last few weeks. The emotional roller-coasters, melt downs, break downs (both of which I am sure are the same thing),oiy.

Every week, I kept thinking, ok I should be able to breathe now, we are staging this weekend. It should be ok this week, we are going live. Nope, didn't happen yet. First it's set up, then it's going live, then it's checking the defects and then something else. Well I think I will end my work-whine right there, so how are ya'll doing?

I managed to upload some videos of V on to you tube(search for syinti). Also updated pictures onto Picassa. My boy is turning 3 in a month and I am pretty psyched about it :). I wanted to get him 3 gifts for his 3rd birthday. Then Chaitu (who turned 30 yesterday) reminded me what happened to the kid from Harry Potter who gets too many gifts on a birthday, idiot ruined it for me....lol.

So V's been good. Starting to show signs of becoming a brat :). Loves doing karaoke with me. His favorite songs are "Show me the meaning of being lovely" by Backstreet Boys, and a million other Telugu, Tamil and Hindi songs. We both dance to our favorite songs at night after everyone goes to bed ;). And his morning routine is with Prabu. I bought him this kiddie shaving kit from Target (has a 'faux' razor, shaving brush and cream, comb and mirror). So both boys get up, brush and shave and then have breakfast together before Prabu heads to work. Due to that I have been relieved from chanting the mantra "Vikram, brush your teeth" every morning.

With that I say good night for now. I will not make promises but I will try as much to keep this blog a little more active :).