Dec 19, 2008

"Bed, Bath and Biyyam"

That's V's lingo for Bed, Bath and Beyond.

V: "momma, bed bath and biyyam veldam" [let's go to bed bath and beyond]
Me: Enduku [for what?]
V: Shoes boxes, shoe boxes

Yup, my son wants to buy shoe boxes. I made the mistake of taking him to The Container Store and BBB one day to pick up some shoe boxes and other nick-nacks. From then on he loves those 2 stores. Did I mention he is a weirdo? This is what happens when you tag your 2 year old to whenever you go. It's actually a good thing. I get my shopping done without much tantrums and fuss. He also loves costco, target and such stores :). I am surprised he doesn't ask for toysrus even though we took him there bunch of times.

Dec 17, 2008

My Trip to Atlanta - Part 2

Woohoo, I am home. Trip went fine. Not an issue in Atlanta or on the way back. V was super good and very well-behaved to the point that the guy sitting next to us said, "You and your husband should be proud of the way you are raising him. He is very well-behaved." I told him, it's just that V is trying for the Oscars this year and so he is trying to put his best performance and has nothing to with me or Prabu.

Since I read so much about kids acting out on planes, Prabu and I kinda worked hard on making it a good experience for him instead of making him feel like he is stuck on a plane for few hours. We bought a book on planes and helicopters week before I were to leave for Atlanta and got him all excited about it.

Instead o taking his existing toys on the plane, I ran to party city and picked some party favors. A pack of 12 mini cars, a pack of 24 sun glasses (he loves them). These were actually cheaper than buying regular toys. He loved when I opened a new pack on the plane. The portable DVD player is my new best friend on travel and the walks me and V had on the plane.

Over all it was a nice trip. Had fun times with the family and had more fun coming back home.. All about that in the next post :)

Here are some pictures of me and Vani and also V on the plane with his loot.

And this is V all wrapped in my scarf. He walked from one end of the plane to the other like that and said hello to everyone whether they saw him or not :).

Dec 10, 2008

My Trip to Atlanta - Part 1

Part 1 because I am still here and will post part 2 once I am back in Phoenix on 17th. I was dreading the 3.5 hour flight ride to Atlanta from Phoenix. Just me and V and I wasn't sure how he would do. (touchwood) he was such a good baby. He got upset twice: When they took his shoes off for security and when I gave the stroller at the gate :). The security people were very nice and so were the fellow passengers. One of the ladies helped me with the stroller. He ate a pizza, slept for an hour and a half on the plane and watched movies.

Here's few things I learned from this trip. A week before we were to leave, Prabu and I talked to V about how we were going to go to a new place on a plane. he had a book on planes and he got all excited that he will go on a real one. I took lots of distractions. These are not his regular toys he played at home. I bought a pack of 8 tiny cars form dollar store and opened it on the plane and V went crazy over it. He didn't even notice me putting the seat belt and the take off.

And ladies and gentleman, portable dvd player should be your new best friend if you have young kids. We bought one for this trip and boy was it a life saver. Once in the air, I played his favorite DVD and he was good to go. Also, I bought few snacks just in case. Something I usually won't let him have much at home :). Chips, Chocolates. He actually didn't care for them at all :).

Vani has been making good food and Srikar and Vibhu have been entertaining Vikram. Chaitu is coming this Friday and he is taking me and V to Colombia to visit some of our friends. I cannot wait. Finally I will get to go out after 5 days :).

Since I jinxed it, I am thinking I will have a bratty V on the way back.

Dec 4, 2008

A Beautiful Gift

Chaitu came for Thanksgiving weekend. I made very non-traditional Thanksgiving meal with Coq Au Vin, Scallopped potatoes, Roasted Veggies and Rice. We left for babbi's place on friday. We got to see the Hopi reservation and also took a tour of the village that had no water and electricity. Yes people, there are people living in the USA without water or electricity and it is sad.

We stopped by at ahouse, and Chaitu bought their pottery while me and Julie bought some Kachina Dolls. While Julie and Babbi were talking to that family, Vikram was playing with their little osn. He was probably 6 or 7 years old. Him and V were playing catch with a ball. When we started to leave, the boy came running behind us, gave his ball to V and said he can have it. It was V's best gift I think. V did say thanks:) and for me it was an "Awwwww" moment to see a young kid give away his toy. It might not be a big deal for us adults, but I think for kids it is:).

So that was our thanksgiving weekend. I am leaving for Atlanta this saturday to visit Vani and Vitti. I am excite dto see them but nervous about the plane ride with just me and V. I am just crossing my fingers and hoping everything goes well.