Mar 29, 2011

Take Me With You

I tried walking
You ran away
I tried running
You flew away

I tried writing
You can't read
I tried singing
You can't listen

I am here now
You are not
Take me with you
For I want to fly

Mar 23, 2011

Questions And Statements

V has been sleeping in his room by himself for a while now. Before bed ritual now includes tickle time with Prabu, brush, book and bed. Right after he gets into bed, he loves to chat and call us every 2 minutes :). For few days he tried, "Amma, I need 10 hugs and 10 kisses today". And I fell for it. Then I realized, he would hug me and won't let me go. Brat I tell ya :).Then he would call me or Prabu saying, "But I have a question". Here is last week's conversation between him and Prabu

V: Appa
P:Time to sleep Vikram
V:But I have a question
P: Ok, what's your question?
V: Amma recorded new Mickey Mouse for me today
P:That's not a question. That's a statement. When you ask something it's a question. When you just say things that happened that's a statement. So call us if you really have questions. And even if you do, ask them during the day if you can :).

Fast forward to today. I pick him up from pre-school and he says, "Amma, I have a statement". I had to try very hard not to laugh. So I said what's your statement honey. "I had a great day at school. How was your work?"

Gotta love the brat at times :). Here's a latest picture of him. He tries very hard to dress like Prabu :).

Mar 8, 2011

I am Mad

PS: This is a political, purely opinionated 'I have to get this off my chest' post. Not about V or about his cuteness. You want that, click on some picture links on the right ;).

Like I have never been before. I get angry. Angry to the point of yelling and screaming and wanting to throw something ( I think I might have done that too few times). But my anger today is going to cross all boundaries. Here is the reason for my 'I-can-punch-someone-right-now' anger. Texas approves bill requiring sonogram before abortion. The shortest version of that news article is that Texas state approved a bill that now 'requires' a woman to get an ultrasound if she wants to have an abortion. Because you know women wake up every day and say "Yippie,how fun. I am going for an abortion. Let me have a party".

Are you effing kidding me Mr. Perry (Watch it dude, I heard Karma is truly a bitch)? What's next, you will tell me if I should use pads or tampons when I get my period. Do I look like your puppet? Are constitutional rights for select group of people? You would think these idiots would work on making birth-control pills easily accessible to woman. But no. Let's cry and scream and say "My tax dollars are paying for your abortion". You know what, screw you again. It takes more/all of my tax dollars to raise the 8 kids that an idiot decided to give birth to because she thought she is the next Angelina Jolie than to someone who needed an abortion because she was raped.

I had to have a colonoscopy when I was 19. Why don't you make a new law that says every one who get's that procedure done HAS to (oh in your words is required to) watch the procedure after wards on video? Sounds good? You know damn well why you passed this bill. Get off our back. I will have sex if I want to and I will have an abortion if I want to. It's my choice. Let me say it again in case you can't hear it. It's my choice. Now back off.