Feb 24, 2011

Lying My Way Through

Mom left for Atlanta few days ago to visit cousins. Dad left for NJ today. I tried preparing V for it but every time I brought up the idea that the grand parents might be going away for few weeks would make him sad and he would start crying. So I decided to deal with it when the day comes. The day after mom left he asked me where she was. I said she went out and will be back. He came home from school and didn't find her. I gave him the same response. He then went to check their room to see if she is may be "tired and sleeping". I felt so bad for the little guy. He was crying/upset last three days asking for my mom to come back.

Today he came home from school and noticed my dad missing too :). He had tears in his eyes when he asked me where Maathe and Thatha are. I just lied my way into it and surprisingly he did not cry and almost seemed like he was ok with it. Here is the conversation we had:

V: Where are they amma?
Me: They went to visit a friend who is sick honey.
V: Did he hurt himself?
Me: Yes
V: What did he hurt?
Me: His leg
V: Right leg or left leg
Me: Right
V: (Pulls his pants up on right leg), Can you point to me where he hurt himself?
Me: Here on his knee
V: Oh ok. So maathe and thatha went to make him feel better.
Me: Yes

Couple of hours pass by and he comes to me and says:
V: What's the name of their friend amma?
Me: Ram I think ( Why can't I come up with a name quick enough is beyond me. Don't ask)
V: Haha. That's a funny name. Doesn't sound like a real name right?
Me: Well there are lot of people with that name that we know
V: Yeah, you are right amma

I don't know what I did/said was right or wrong. All I know is it was just sad to see him be so upset and I wasn't ready to have a "Deal with it, people come and go" conversation with him. This way at least he knows they will be back soon :).

Feb 10, 2011

Can you get a new program?

I logged into work this morning and had an email ready about an error in production. I got into thinking mode on how to fix it and Vikram, who was getting ready to go to school noticed. Here is the conversation (Yes he knows about mainframe. Don't ask..lol):

V: You ok momma? you have angry eyes.
Me: Oh no hon. I am just thinking about an error.
V: What's an error?
Me: Well, amma made a mistake in a program I wrote.
V: In your mainframe?
Me: haha yes, in MY mainframe :)
V: Why don't we go get a new program?
Me: lol
V: I have a great idea momma. We can may be get new mainframe.
Me: Yup. That's it. Thanks honey for your help.

"I have a girlfriend and she is so red"