Jul 30, 2007

No no not MIA

I haven't gone missing ( even though I wish I did). Was buried deep in filing citizenship applications for the familia and making a load of appointments for me with the CT scan, an FNA and a surgeon. No nothing terrible happened. To make sure there is nothing wrong with my thyroid, I have to go through all these horrible tests. All the results came fine and I am meeting the surgeon again this week to "discuss" the reports. Boy, doctors love to do this :).

Off to the fun part now. It's getting so hard to make V sit in one place to put that darn diaper on. The second we put him down, strap on one side he is running off. Want proof?

My boy is just a riot. hahaha

Mom is leaving for Jersey today. She will be back on the 10th. We are going to miss her. V is now slowly starting to get to a stage where he just doesn't want anyone to leave the house. Every Monday morning, it's a new thing for him. Till last week, he would know that when Prabu wears his shoes, he is going to work. I take him out, we wave bye and he is fine. But today, when Prabu was leaving, V just wanted to go with him and was crying after Prabu left. It's just sad :(. Glad I am not going out to work and working from home.

Working reminds me, I think I might have to submit a resignation letter to Prabu and Chaitu asking them to relieve me from being their Personal Assistant (insert obvious wink and eye roll here).

Patti called me last weekend and boy was I jealous. She was having dinner at this awesome brazilian place in downtown Newark ( their shrimp dish is to die for) with Rosa and Jackie. Argh! I miss being in Jersey and my girls.

Alright, let me call it off now, V just woke up :). Later when he is napping again ;).

Jul 20, 2007

Good Morning

Mom is flying out to NJ in a week. She will be gone for 2 weeks. More work for me:). It's so wonderful to have her around. I cook and she takes care of Vikram. It's been working out great (who said Spoiled brat?)

The potluck was nice. The veggie pulao I made was so darn spicy. It was nice after a long time. Haven't cooked anything that spicy in recent months.

I might have to go for furniture shopping. Looks like my company might send me a desktop to work with ( They still exist?),and so I need a table. I could hear Prabu jumping up and down in the back saying, "Ikea". I still haven't figured out, if he likes the furniture in that store or their meatballs.

You all have a great morning, I am off now as V is waking up.

Jul 18, 2007

Pimp My Ride ;)

I got it for V today. We cannot figure out yet who is excited about this new toy, him or us.

Got my offer letter today. It's official. I am starting work in 25 days. I have got mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it's pretty exciting, on the other I am tad bit nervous about "managing-it-all" ( My ego comes in between to accept I am completely nervous ;)). Whoever lost bets to Kamalakar mamayya on this please pay up. He bet that I won't be staying home without a job for long. Here is my advice. Never bet with him about me. He is right about me all the time ;).

We are having a potluck at Sarita's tomorrow. I am making couple of Indian dishes. Will post recipes later on. Food reminds me, I just saw another episode of Top Chef on Bravo. Someone please get Padma a stylist. I know she is a model and blah blah blah but her dressing sense is just yuck. May be I should call Stacy and Clinton on her.

Jul 15, 2007

"What did you do?"

Our friends' Sarita and Som's daughter Siddhi keeps saying that often. "What did you do?" It's so cute the way she says it. What did I do this weekend? Just stayed home and relaxed. The more meals I am making at home, the less I want to go out to eat. This is when Prabu should come in and say "Thank you". The guy is not a big fan of eating out :).

V is becoming very clingy. He wants me around him all the time:). I say that with so much pride. I am not complaining at all:). Mom says, we should try to make sure he is not so clingy with me. But what the heck. He is not going to be like that for ages. This is just such a short period, so I might as well enjoy. I am sure there will be days where I want him to give me a hug and he will say something like, "Give me a break mama, you are embarrassing me."

He is standing on his own for 3 seconds without any support. The guys hardly crawls. Mom and dad set August 18th for his annaprasana. If you are in town or want to make a trip , try to come around that time :).

Jul 14, 2007

A happy man

Prabu was so excited today. V said "Appa" this morning. He was hanging out with us on our bed trying to play peek a boo with our comforter and he said Appa. Prabu was so excited:). V turned 8 months today:). Time IS flying:). Here are the pictures I promised.

We went to temple today. It was so quiet and much peaceful than the Bridgewater temple we are used to in NJ. And guess what? I found a dunkin donuts there. Had a coffee. Boy it feels good to have a DD coffee after 3 months ( I am weird, I know).

Prabu and Som are out for the night to watch Sivaji;)

Jul 13, 2007


and celebrations. That's what today was. I will be working from home pretty soon ( August 2nd week to be precise). It's the same job I was doing in NJ. The only difference, working from my home in my pajamas ;). Very exciting. Who wants to go car shopping with me;)? I also made a sweet dish in the evening ( kind of congratulating myself). My first Indian desert ever. Came out pretty good. I will add the recipe soon.

We went to an Ethiopian restaurant to celebrate. Dinner was nice, great food and V was well behaved. On our way back, he threw the mother of all tantrums we have had to face so far. He was just crying for no reason. We pulled over, made him relax for few minutes and started driving again and there he was crying like there is no tomorrow. I felt like we need to pull over again and sooth him but then Prabu gave his cell phone to try to sooth him and phew, it worked (If you met Prabu, you know how the guy is about stopping while driving. You tell him to stop for a bathroom break and he will drive as fast as he can, not to stop at the nearest rest area but to reach the destination before then ( I need to stock up on those NASA diapers.LOL)). He slept within 5 minutes while playing with the cell phone. He hadn't slept all day properly today and throw in teething with that, he wasn't happy sitting in that car seat. Any who we made it home safe.

What a night:). We came home and he was just happy as a puppy. He is teething and getting very cranky. The little guy is also trying to stand on his own:). I took some pictures of him yesterday. I will post them later on. Right now I am just too full with all the good food I ate and I just need to go sleep.

Jul 8, 2007

Another week and yet another weekend

I am so surprised how fast days are going by. When I quit my job and decided to stay at home, I thought I would have plenty of time to do lot of things. Even with mom helping around talking care of V and house and all, I still could use 26 hour days once in a while. I have been doing lot of cooking lately which is such a stress reliever ( for me).

V is standing more and crawling less. He is teething and that's not really fun. Prabu had to carry him from one room to the other before he fell asleep. Poor thing cried a lot ( V not Prabu;)). We took him out today to our community pool. He had his swimming diapers and off we went to this little area for kids where there is just sand and water. He was more interested in watching everyone around than play in the water:). That's one of my "things-to-do-when-I-get-a-car", get me and V into swimming lessons. Hello, I am Sowjanya and I don't know how to swim :).

Here are this month's pictures ( Including V in his Nemo swim diaper).

Jul 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day Y'all

This is V wishing you all Happy July 4th.

Just in case you are wondering where I got the hang of the word "Y'all", you have to blame Paula Deen. Been watching her shows a bit much lately :). We celebrated today by going to Cracker Barrel for dinner:).

Couple of "firsts" for V today. He is been promoted to a booster seat for his cereal feedings from the bouncer. He seems to like it so far ( or so we think).

We also got him a trainer cup which he likes as well. This below picture would be of him leaning on his daddio and drinking milk from his training cup and watching fireworks on TV. I think this is the first time we let him watch tv:). he saw for few minutes, wanted to go into the TV and grab the fireworks. After he figured he couldn't and because we wouldn't let him near the tv he got bored and wanted something else to play with:).

I just realized, I haven't posted in a few days. Well, it's been hectic couple of weeks for us: between doctors appointments, cooking sessions, running behind V making sure he's not going to the danger zones and all.