Jun 7, 2011

Where The Mountains Are

Aha! So this is what it feels like. Something happened over the weekend and I am trying my best to 'let it go'(If any of you know tried and true methods on how to 'let go', let me know. I am all ears :)). It's hard though. I am sure you all have been there, done that. I don't have to specify what it is. It can be anything. Anything that makes you want to scream 'F you all' in an empty house. Anything that makes you go from "I am feeling good" to "Bite Me" in 3.3 nano seconds. These kind of things happened before. This time though I am caught between "Screw convenience" and "Come on, stop being a brat Sowjanya". It is not a fun place to be at.

Yes, I will come out of it by not being a brat. I already wasted 2 days sulking about it. Time to shape up(literally) because anniversary weekend is ahead of us and I want to look awesome. Time to remind husband what he got himself into eight years ago :). You need to exit now because it's about to get 'cheesy', 'corny' and what not. See the guy in the picture below. He's the reason I wanted to get to the top of a mountain 10 years ago and scream, "I am in love". And I still want to do it from time to time. This weekend, I might actually do it as we are headed to the mountains in Tucson.