Aug 8, 2008

Blogging from Heaven

We went to Totties for dinner and I am in heaven after eating the food. Awesome food and I got to meet the Chef, Ms. Tottie Kaya:). I love it when I get a chance to chat up with the owner/Chef. Dad and I decided to skip the usual entree for everyone and stuff and went for bunch of appetizers and just one Penang curry for entree. I got their Vegetarian Sushi (that's sooo wrong; I know) which was out of this world and the spicy cucumber, the dumplings, Oy Ve! :). Did I mention Heaven? The only thing was they didn't have my favorite soup dumplings on the menu tonight. I am going back when they have it :). V was such a good baby through the night. He had their noodles, ate some of their home made pineapple ice cream and said thank to all of them at the end :).

It started raining and temperatures are coming down from 114 degrees to 100 degrees, which means it's getting better. Things have been very quiet and busy at the Thevar-Yinti front:). SO not much for updates. I will try and post more pictures and videos soon.

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