Feb 2, 2010

Singing and Driving

When some one says stop singing, I equate it to "Stop Breathing" at times. Like you didn't know I am that dramatic ;). Something about a song that makes me forget everything at times. I learned Carnatic Music for 7 years. Then I found out learning classical music is equated to having to sing in front of everyone and I gave up after a while :). That was also the time I realized I want to sing for me and myself alone (I am pretty sure my neighbors were very happy with that decision;)). Watching Indian movies I always wondered, who would just start singing when they are sad and who sings dancing like that just because they are happy. Then it hit me, I do that. Kamalakar Mamayya was the first one who picked on that habit of mine. Back in the day when I first started seeing Prabu, I would be home singing La Bouche's "I love to Love" and he would say, "I guess we will know who he is soon"...lol. Oh yes,they did know who he was 6 months later:). There were also days where I would be singing "Dum Maro Dum" when I got mad at my mom or dad. You see, sometimes it's hard to walk away from a situation and at the same time you would be looking for a break. People have different ways of dealing with this and I do it with singing.

After I got my licence and my own car, it was an union of heaven and heaven. Driving in my own car for the first time with the kind of music I wanted said, "I have arrived, move over". Everyone looks for that feeling of power or control at times in life. If you try to have it over your loved ones, I will put you in my "controlling, manipulative freaks" file. When you try to control the speed of your car, or the volume of your music I will stand by you and smile. It's nice to release your feelings and emotions at times via your passions without having to involve anyone else :).

oh and I have a new car buddy who listens to my singing and venting without judging me and he is hot to look at too ;)

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