Jan 11, 2013

Major Doubt

V has been home since yesterday as he had fever. He is feeling and doing much better today. So in the afternoon he was doing some  painting and I was sitting next to him working away. He started a conversation which left me wanting to find a parenting manual so I can look for the "perfect" or "right" answer. Here it goes...

V: Amma, who will take care of me when you die?
Me: (recovering from the shock of the question)You can go live with Chaitu mama. (what the heck do I say....what what what)
V: But who will take me to Jersey. It's a long flight.
Me: He will be here to take you honey (he will be here anyway if I am dead....what the heck am I thinking)
V: ok. Then I am good.
Me:Actually, if I am not around, appa will still be here to take care of you  (I don't even remember my name anymore)
V: Oh yeah! That's right. Appa is older than you so that should be ok.

I swear on all things parenting, kids need to come with their own manuals. I have certain conversations in my head that I know will eventually happen. So I am prepared (kind of) for those. This one, I was not. I must say, one part of me was glad that it was a very casual talk for him and he didn't think it was a big deal to ask that. He was just genuinely curious and concerned about the scenario. Oh my Brat!

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