Jan 22, 2008

Good Luck from Jersey

Swetha visited us over the weekend since she had Monday off from Hospital. She will soon be Dr. Swetha ;) and I get to brag about how my little sis is a doctor. Not only did she make my weekend by coming over but also brought some luck because we bought me a car. You heard that right. 2 weeks ( or even earlier) from now, I will be proud owner of a 2007..... suspense. Wait and see for the pictures of my new baby ;).

We took Swetha to Grand Canyon and drove around Scottsdale the next day. We also made her say, "I think I want to get out of Jersey soon". We saw Jab we met, talked for long and it was just a very very nice weekend.

Here is a picture of us sisters. I uploaded more here.


Dolly Patel said...

You guys have the same nose. :D

I like the link to the movie. :)

Sowjanya Yinti said...

hahaaha.. I just noticed the nose and you are right ..lol