Jan 8, 2008

New year...New Time

I come up with really good reasons (coughcoughexcusescoughcough) to buy stuff. I wanted a watch and told hubby dear that new year and new times so I need a new watch. Poor guy always gets sucked into my lame ass logic. And this time was no different, he bought me new watch today. Yo Dolls, before you ask, here is the watch (I bought brown with gold dial);).

V is starting scream and throw tantrums. Surprisingly he understands the concept of "I need to stop screaming by the time momma counts 3" which is working out well for me so far. He also gets super duper excited when we turn the TV on in our master bedroom. he doesn't watch tv but just turning it on excites him. Want proof?

Here is him giving me a pose for the camera.

I uploaded more pictures here.

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vimmi said...

Thats so cute. kids grow us so fast. my son is 2 now. enjoy with the little one