Feb 7, 2008

Riding with V

V and I went all by ourselves for a little spin around the block in the new toy. He was such a good baby. I played his favorite music ( He is still deciding between 'Mauja hi Mauja' and 'Cheli Jabili' songs) and he sang along with it. It was only a short drive. However, I had fun :).

I also enrolled him in Music Together. Chetna told me about this when I was in Jersey. They are based in Princeton but have branches all over. We have a branch right near our house and I am so psyched about it. We are going for a demo class in March and regular classes start a little later. 45 minutes per week for 10 weeks is not a bad deal at all.

Weather is starting to get nice around here. It's getting warm and V wants to be out playing all day and all night :). Before I sign off, here is the naughty him trying to do somersaults. he hasn't gotten it yet but he is trying day in and day out.

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