May 28, 2008

Yeah Yeah

I know, it's been a while again :). Chaitu was home for long weekend and we had a good time. I made good food (when do I not?), went shopping and that's pretty much it. We went out to this Indian restaurant on Saturday for lunch. Holy heck, talk about bad food. I hate it when people open restaurants without thinking it through. If you cannot serve proper and decent food, as Padma Lakshmi says, "Pack up your knives and go".

On Monday we dropped both sets of parents at the theater to watch Indian Jones while I cooked lunch. They had fun.

Prabu's parents are leaving this Sunday and we have been busy buying, returning an buying some more stuff :). What? You have never been to India? That's how it works for me. I shop before I go to India, I shop in India and I shop after I come back from India. Even though it's not me this time that's going, we still followed my path.

Work has been crazy busy and I think i cursed few times sitting in my room at the stupidity of some fellows. Let's just leave it at that.

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Dolly Patel said...

:) Ahh - good ole Hewitt fellows. lol