Jun 11, 2008

Say it with me, "Kudetart"

Well that's spelled "Coup Des Tartes". A faux restaurant we went to, to celebrate our anniversary tonight. I say faux because all over on-line they are claimed as "fine-dining","French culinary institute trained owner" and blah blah blah and it's nothing like it. I worked in a fine dining restaurant for an year and I know what food and service in places like that should be like. I liked the presentation and taste of the dishes we ordered but the way the waitress and everything else around the restaurant was such a turn-off. You can ask me how the food is 2 time in an hour but please don't ask me if I'm done eating when I still have the fork in my mouth with your $30 chicken.

I don't know which was worse, them serving paper menus or our waitress greeting us with a, "what would you like to order". Ahem, could we get some water first and a "How are you doing today?". Ahhh, screw her, Prabu and I still managed to have a good time out of it and enjoy our 5th anniversary and 7 years of being together without killing each other yet. Happy Anniversary Burpus :).


Dolly Patel said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! You are a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing your blog!
Kris(wholarmor) from 2peas