Nov 9, 2008

Na na na na na na

That's me singing. It's been so flippity flap crazy last 10 days that I am just singing my way through it. That's the only thing that let's me relax aside from cooking, reading and other things I try to get my hands on. Prabu has been out few days last week, was busy the rest of the days and worked on a 12 hour shift both Saturday and Sunday. And so, I was the cook, mom, analyst, maid, and what not. I need a Big martini and an appointment to the best Spa's in Arizona STAT... :)

I should start taking advantage of being in Phoenix. Looks like I am surrounded by the best Spas and Salons and restaurants but still haven't gone to any. The second Prabu stops being busy I am going out :). I did go to the mall with V yesterday and purchased something that I have been wanting for long time ( Mind you it was a want not a need).

V is going to be 2 this Friday. I am torn between going away or have a mini get together. We will see. Depends on how I feel on Thursday night:).

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