Dec 19, 2008

"Bed, Bath and Biyyam"

That's V's lingo for Bed, Bath and Beyond.

V: "momma, bed bath and biyyam veldam" [let's go to bed bath and beyond]
Me: Enduku [for what?]
V: Shoes boxes, shoe boxes

Yup, my son wants to buy shoe boxes. I made the mistake of taking him to The Container Store and BBB one day to pick up some shoe boxes and other nick-nacks. From then on he loves those 2 stores. Did I mention he is a weirdo? This is what happens when you tag your 2 year old to whenever you go. It's actually a good thing. I get my shopping done without much tantrums and fuss. He also loves costco, target and such stores :). I am surprised he doesn't ask for toysrus even though we took him there bunch of times.

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SteamyKitchen said...

need to teach him how to ask for "williams sonoma"