Feb 13, 2009

Dear PV Hospital,

You Suck. When a patient walks in with serious pain and is in tears the good thing would be to find out what the issue is. If you cannot find a reason for the pain, then try to ease it but don't you ever send them home saying "It's not heart related". God forbid if it was related to something else and something happened to the patient. There would have been some serious hell to pay.

I asked you if you did tests to check her gallbladder and you said you did and the results were fine, but when everyone knows you didn't. The copy of results you gave me did not have it. I am glad I didn't come back to you yesterday and I found myself a much better hospital for my mom.

Till yesterday I wasn't sure what they mean when people would say, "Always question the doctor and the hospital". Thank you. You have opened my eyes and told me what exactly they mean.

I will be sure as hell to stay away from you and your staff and also will let every one know to beware.

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