Feb 13, 2009

A Rough Week

Mom mentioned to me casually on Wednesday morning that her chest hurt and I ran to her PCP which is an emergency clinic where they take walk-ins. By the time we got there both the doctor and I felt like it was getting worse from just looking at her face. The doctor recommended I just take her to the ER so we went. There they did an EKG, Echo, x-ray of her chest and an ultra sound of her chest and heart, ct scan and several blood tests and ruled out that it's not heart related and sent her home.

Yesterday she had an appointment with the nurse practitioner at her cardiologist's office and they said it's not heart related. I then took her back to the PCP hoping they will call in a GI specialist and someone will tell me something to ease her pain. I waited in the PCP's office for 2 hours and they still kept her waiting. I got ticked off and told them I am going to the ER again because she wasn't able to eat or much less even take a sip of water because it was hurting her
so bad. The pain seemed to come from her chest to her throat. This time I took her to a different hospital. This hospital was so nice.

They took her in and said they will keep her overnight. A cardiologist came again to double check it's not heart related and they called in a GI specialist. They did an endoscopy today and found that she had an inflammation of her esophagus. They gave her medication to reduce the inflammation and for the pain. She will be coming home tomorrow. Nothing serious anymore and she is also feeling pretty good :).

It's been a long week running around getting things done but we survived :).

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