Jul 8, 2009

Making Deals

V calls nail polish, mail polish at times and got his hands and feet painted yesterday as part of a "plea deal". Before you think, my house is a jail and I am the ADA, Prabu the warden and V a prisoner... Here is how it went down :).

V's been sick since Monday night and his fever kept going up till 104 last night. We had to give him medication every 4 hours and for the first 3 times, he took it when we mixed it in his favorite juice and gave it. Smarty pants figured it out by 4th time. So now he says he doesn't like juice (gosh darnit). When I had to give him the 4th time, the conversation went something like this:

Me: Alright hon, time for juice.
V: Nope
M: I will give you a new toy cement truck
V: Nope
M: Well, if you don't drink it we have to go see Dr. Lisa then.
V: Nope
V: Can I have Purple mail polish?
M: Will you drink the juice if I paint your toes?
V: yes.

And the result is this

For the 5th dose, he had his fingers painted. So now he is walking around very proud of his nails. I swear, he will be one well groomed Ducati driving hunk ;).

Anywho, we had to take him to the doctor to make sure nothing serious. Looks like he has a viral fever and it should be down in few days. Poor kid's gotten week and is entertaining himself with watching his favorite DVD's over and over because he has no energy to talk/play or even walk for few minutes. Today was better than yesterday and here's to hoping tomorrow will be better than today :).