Sep 2, 2009

Pinky Promise

Few weeks ago, towards the end of a "tantrum-fest", I taught V "Pinky Promise" or "Pinky Swear" as some of you call it. I told him he needs to behave now that he made pinky promise to me that he will. Fast forward to yesterday night, here's his updated bed-time prayer:

"Dear God, Thank you so much. I love you. I will listen to Mom. I will be a good boy. Pinky Promise"

Oh yes, he prays/talks. Depends on the mood. Days when he is way too sleepy, he will not say a word and just sleep. At other times, he will keep going on and on and on and tell God how his day was, what Sheriff did to Lightning McQueen (Go watch Disney's Car's -lol), how the trash truck guy waved to him ... you get the point.

So how are ya'll doing? Life's going at 300 miles per hour on this side of the coast. We moved to a different apartment over the weekend. Needed an extra room to house V's cars, bikes, trash truck, emergency vehicles and all. I am in the middle of working 18 hours days, cleaning, organizing the house and also trying to squeeze time to play pathwords on facebook.

I took V to a near by play school for a tour few weeks ago. Wanted to see how he would react. He actually seemed to enjoy it. He thinks they will let him play basketball all day outside and I will be standing there watching him. I don't know who will have separation anxiety once he starts play school. Me or him :).

Before I sign-off here are some pictures from August.

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