Mar 4, 2008

Being in a polygamous relationship

I am not talking about the show on TLC. I am talking about me sharing my husband to 2 more love interests of his. Now, before you all head down here to kick him, hear me out ;). You see, he moved to Arizona to be with his first love interest A.K.A his work. New job, new place, new position. To keep up with it all, he's been working very hard and dedicating as much time as he can to it. I cannot complain much about this lady love of his because she pays us well enough. I can quit my job if I want to because of her.

Now let's talk about the second love interest of his. My new car. Granted we bought it for me and it's mine(trying to make a point that it's all mine). Prabu (he says we but I disagree) already spent quiet a bit on it buying things for it, making it feel special. Already made a trip to the dealer to get some stuff fixed with a tag line of, "It's all for you honey". He wants to take it to the dealer again on Monday because he hears some noise from the speakers.

So I am now living with 2 love interests of his in the same house. Do I get jealous of them? Hells yes. I think I am more jealous of the car than the job ;). I am writing up every penny spent on the car and taking that amount and spending it on myself(May be I should get those Sevens I have been eying). or better yet, I will teach the fit how to cook and clean ;).

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