Dec 12, 2009

Pasta Bar And Panda Express

I try my best to expose V to different kinds of cuisine. Not that it works wonders all the time. I dream of the day where I take him for dinner at The French Laundry and he will appreciate it as much as I do. Granted he is just 3 and has long way to go before he even knows who Thomas Keller is, I can still dream, can't I? In an effort to get him to have a sophisticated palette, I told myself I will try and take him to "nicer" restaurants and get him used to the kind of food and atmosphere.

Last night I took him to Pasta Bar. This restaurant became one of my favorites here in Phoenix and is very addictive. They have simple menu, pick all their produce from local farmers. My boy liked the atmosphere, flirted with the hostess (Oh yes he did), fell in love with their bread sticks, munched on their cucumber appetizer and barely ate his dinner (he was really busy watching where the hostess was because she said "You are so cute" to him every time she passed by).

Today we go out to the mall in the evening. He wants noodles from Panda Express for dinner. Finishes it off without a word and there goes my kid's sophisticated palette. No I am not trying to offend you Panda Express lovers :), I am just bitchin' about the fact that my boy prefers his 3 dollar noodles soaking with "god-knows-what-oil" than freshly made from scratch pasta with his favorite sauce. Ah kids, I tell ya.

Oh yes, here is a picture of V munching on his bread stick:

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