Sep 4, 2010

What's In A Song?

The ability to make me get off my lazy ass and dance for one. And also make me start the blog after what looks like a 3 month hiatus. Finally got my mojo back that seems to have been lost some where for past few months :). It hit me recently that I haven't been singing much. It's been more than 6 years since I sang. No I am no professional singer(poor mom, tried so hard to make me a Indian Classical Singer. Sent me to music classes for years..sorry mom). I am like those characters you see in Indian movies. If you have ever seen an Indian movie, you know how you have happy songs, family songs, romantic songs, sad songs and on and on. I break into songs like that depending on how I am feeling that day or that second :). I was in this I-have-too-much-work-to-do-and-nothing-fun-is-happening-in-my-life rut for the past few months and suddenly a song woke me up and then another and few other latest hits followed. And I am feeling good again :)

Any how, let's get to business shall we? Now that the whole world knows let me introduce to my Vodina. Don't go 'googling' to find out Vodina means? It means Sister-in-law in Telugu. Oh yes, I got my own ;). I was in India for a month and I will have to say this. Those few hours of my brother getting married were the most beautiful, happiest hours for me. I heard from my dad's friends that Dad cried during my wedding ( I couldn't see;)) and I thought aww, he's so emotional. What's there to cry? Let me tell you how wrong I was. I found out the true meaning of happy tears. Probably because I saw how much these two love-birds were glowing that day :). Here's a small collage. There are like bazillion pictures. I will try and cut it down to few and post them later.

V was pretty sick that day so he hardly was in any pictures. He was also pretty upset about the fact that we weren't getting him married. "No momma. It's my wedding" he said when I told him Chaitu mama will be getting married :). Don't worry honey, your turn will come ;). He also got to meet his first cousin Pragnya. He still talks about her.

I will be posting more pics form the India trip and some more fun "V-isms" in the coming days. He is getting very chatty and is in the "I have a question about the question" phase. Good night ya'll. Promise to catch up :).

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